Craftopia: All About It!


Craftopia is an American television series on hbo max  which premiered in the year 2020 on may 27. The series was renewed for the second season in the year 2020 october.

Craftopia About

This show is directed by Rhett Bachner, Brien Meagher presented by Lauren Riihimaki judges of this show are Toya Moore Broyles, James Worsham, country of origin is united states and the origin language is English number of seasons are 2 and number of episodes are 20.
The production house, executive producer is Rhett Bachner and the production company is B17 entertainment. Original network for the release is hbo max and it is released in the year 2020 may 27.


This is the youth paste crafting competitions contested ages are from 9 to 15 they have to face lot of challenges within the period of time they have to create different items before the challenge they have to run to the Store to fill their cards with the material they have to work on the basis of the instruction given they have to build the creation which impressed judges and we can bring it to the home.

Craftopia Release Date

From the report it is discovered that the season 1 first release was in the year 2020 may 27 and last release date was in the year 2020 on November 26 as well as for the season 2 first release date was in the year 2021 on October 7 and last date was in the year 2021 on November 18.

Craftopia Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1 It’s My Party and I Will Craft if I Want to
Episode 2 Petopia
Episode 3 if the Shoe Fits Craft It
Episode 4 Right Stuffed
Episode 5 It’s Lit
Episode 6 New Backpack Who Dis
Episode 7 Tree cycled
Episode 8 It’s Parties Slime
Episode 9 Craftensteins  Monster
Episode 10 Nightmare on Craft Street
Episode 11 Merry Craftsman
Episode 12  Craft the Halls

Craftopia Season 2 Episodes

Episode 1 Candy Coucher
Episode 2 Bovine
Episode 3 Delicious
Episode 4 Pumpkin to the Talk About
Episode 5 Make a Train
Episode 6  Holiday on Wheels
Episode 7 Totally Trees Ifying
Episode 8 Hats That

Craftopia Season 2 About

The show is divided into two halves. The first one is Halloween and the second is the Christmas theme. The welcoming of the show’s crafters was done by Lauren rihimaki.

This season is for the craft in switch are adult whether the last season was for the kids
The winner of the show will win the dollar 10,000 cash prize as well as this converted craftopia.

Craftopia Season Where to watch

All the famous streaming sites are provided to you through this  article so you can reach them very easily There is written off the Craftopia season 2 fun creative and competition. Also a more important update for you all is that Season 2 of Craftopia is available on HBO Max.

Craftopia Season Reviews

Views are the most important part.
The concept of the craftopia is different from the other types of games it is the successful and popular game which improve the potential even the content is very good.

It has difficult curse the main issue was with the game is the animation and mechanics this is the cheap game with the production it has the amazing game are love in with it it is addicting game it has lot of respect from bottom to up it is very good it sounds like a cool game.

It has great mixture of gameplays and performance and translation. This is the positive show for the kids to boost and create the kid power it is healthy competition and specially about the candidates this is the kids Centre crafting competition which is hosted by Youtube star.

It has boost normally 9 million of subscribers by the end only one kid can be the craftmaster but the runner-up still win the valuable prizes and cash gift.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Craftopia Get Cancelled?

Craftopia is not scripted; it has been recommended and renewed for the second season at HBO Max however it is not cancelled.

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How Many Episodes Are in Craftopia?

Craftopia is the gaming platform it has two number of seasons and number of episodes are 20 which are available in the article with their names.

When Was Craftopia Filmed?

Craftopia is a American reality streaming television platform which was premiered on HBO Max in the year 2020 on May 27

What Episode of Craftopia Is Rosanna Pansino?

This is streaming on HBO Max with the judging guest duties of rossana penis in o is in the 4th episode of the first season.

Is Craftopia a Good Game?

craftopia is the brand new multiplayer survival action game which is made in Japan. Many of the features are combined and enjoyable such as hunting farming hack and slash building automation which develop  this game.

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Craftopia is the United States reality platform it is the gaming show with offer many of the cash prizes the concluded part will be ended that the article provided to the cast members of the craftopia it had introduced the release date have the information about this season 2 the concept of the Craftopia.

Season 1 and season 2 number of episodes with their names and the official streaming sites for you all fansa you can approach the site very easily and also the information about this season 2 of Craftopia

For more updates to reach out more news about the article head then stay tuned there have been more updates which would be easily available on this article and recent updates with will come related to this season so stay tuned guys will be updated soon.