Cowboy Bebop: Every Characters and Cast Detail we know so far


Here’s all you need to know about the cast of Don’t look any further Cowboy. Don’t look any further, Cowboy Bebop live action ‘s cast had been finally revealed!

The cast consists of “John Cho”, ” Mustafa Shakir”, “Daniella Pineda” and “Alex Hassell”. They will be the leading characters in the Cowboy Bepop show. The show is based on an anime of the same name.

Here’s a detailed look at the characters :

John Chos’s Character

John Chos's Character

John will act as a Spike Spiegel. He is introduced to us as a cool bounty hunter with an adorable smile. He is a witty man with fashion to spare.

He prefers travelling tht solar system with his ex-cop companion, Jet, who is pursuing the deadliest bounties which is the combination of attraction,charisma and deadly Jeet Kune Do. John ‘s character is well known in Star Trek movie franchise and also Harlod and Kumar cinema.

He will also be appreing in the following epidoes of ” Twilight zone” renewal at CBS All Access.

Mustafa Shakir’s character

Cowboy Bebop Mustafa Shakir's character

Mustafa Shakir’s character is that of a hunky muscular man with a number of scars on his face and body.

He will play the role of Jet Black, who is one of the most honest, fearless and reliable cops in the solar system, earlier the ultimate betrayal took away everything he ever loved and the situation around him forced him into hunting bounties to survive.

Jet is an enthusiast and Captain of Bebop.

Danielle Pineda’s character

Danielle Pineda is a beautiful young women who will be playing the character of Faye Valentine who is introduced as a bold , unpredictable and sassy bounty Hunter.

She has been suffering from Anemia since being cryogenically frozen. She does anything and everything to make a living.

Alex Hassell’s Character

Alex Hassell will play the role of  Vivacious .He is introduced as a man who enjoys a good killing . He is Spike Spiegel’s ex partner and enemy.

Moreover he is a playful hitman who is good at his jobx!


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