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Cow urine 10 times costlier than cow’s milk, cow dung sold at Rs 500

Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc all over the world, while many countries have declared it an epidemic. This virus has affected many countries, so it has knocked in India. The government has also started many efforts to stop this virus. Meanwhile, the ‘cure’ of the coronavirus remains a matter of discussion. (Symbolic photo)

According to the news of Live Mint, cow urine is being sold for 500 rupees and cow dung 500 rupees for developing immunity against corona in India. At the same time, a milk seller says that he has set up a shop on the roadside, 20 km from the capital of West Bengal, where he sells cow urine and cow dung. (Symbolic photo)

Milk seller Mabood Ali says that he is earning more money by selling cow dung and cow urine than milk. That cow urine is selling 500 rupees a liter and cow dung for 500 rupees, in which he also benefited a lot. His shop is located on NH 19. This road connects Delhi and Kolkata. They have packed jars of cow dung and cow urine on the table of their shop.

Not only this, but Mabud Ali has also pasted a poster on the table, in which he has written that ‘Drink cow urine and avoid coronavirus’. Ali claims that he got the idea from a cow urine party organized by the Hindu Mahasabha in Delhi.

Ali says, ‘I have two cows. One Indian cow and the other jersey. I live by selling their milk. When I saw the cow urine party on TV, I realized that I could make more profit by selling cow urine and cow dung. I can use every part of the cows in my business. (Symbolic photo)

However, one-liter cow urine and one-kilogram cow dung of Jersey cows are available at Ali’s stall at a cheaper rate. On this, he says that a Jersey cow is not a pure breed like an Indian cow, therefore, its cow urine is not much demand. Ali has said that the initial response has been ‘good’. I will try to continue this business. (Symbolic photo)



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