Covid Vaccines Should Be Catholic Bishops’ Agenda, Not Abortion

Citizens prompt Bishops to focus on Covid vaccines and not abortion

Bishops Were Prompted to Focus on Vaccines and Not Abortion

Abortion was on the agenda when the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops met in Baltimore this week.

As of June, the bishops prepared to bar all pro-choice public figures from receiving communion, including Vice President Joe Biden.


It was a bad move that seemed to be political.

The Bishops Backed Down on Wednesday.

Regardless of what this text says, the bishops’ main worry is abortion, which they have been anticipating for months.

The bishops haven’t mentioned the real American church crisis: US clergy opposing the use of life-saving Covid vaccinations.

Catholics are now able to refuse injections, increasing the danger of sickness, death, and Covid transmission.

Vaccines might have prevented an estimated 90,000 deaths in the United States from June to September.

Vaccine Policies Differ From One Diocese to the Next and From One Bishop to Another.

Pope Francis has declared that all clergy and diocesan personnel must be vaccinated, while New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan has declared that no Catholic exception exists.

Concerned that Hispanic farmworkers in his flock might be skeptical of the Johnson & Johnson immunization, Bishop Tyson went to a farmworkers facility and got it.

Bishops in Colorado, on the other hand, disagreed and provided a link to a letter form for Catholics requesting exemption from any vaccine obligation.

Deploying soldiers were advised that “no one should be compelled to undergo a Covid-19 vaccination if it would offend his or her conscience.”

The Church Maintains That Vaccines Are Ethically Lawful.

The bishops’ fixation with abortion has distorted their thinking once again.

This remote relation to abortion has been used to excuse scientists’ moral reservations about getting the injections.

The bishops’ conference issued a statement in March expressing concerns about all three emergency vaccines approved by the FDA.

The Pfizer and Moderna injections “raised concerns,” the bishops said since they used an abortion-derived cell line.

Because the vaccine was “tested, developed, and… manufactured using abortion-derived cell lines,” the Johnson & Johnson vaccine created “added moral problems.”

Catholics were recommended in the statement that if they had a choice of vaccinations, they should choose Pfizer’s or Moderna’s.

Two Dioceses, Though, Were More Severe.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccination was “morally contaminated,” according to the Diocese of Bismarck, North Dakota.

For the same reason, the Archdiocese of New Orleans advised Catholics to avoid the Johnson & Johnson vaccination.

This tone was in stark contrast to what Pope Francis has taught.

The Vatican has recognized the vaccine’s link to abortion, but Francis has pushed Catholics to acquire any of the vaccinations that have been authorized.

Getting the photos has been described as “an act of love” by him.

“Getting vaccinated is a simple but significant way to care for one another, particularly the most vulnerable,” he said.

Of course, it’s not uncommon for bishops in the United States to openly disagree with their presumed employer. During the months of debate surrounding the denial of communion to Biden and other pro-choice politicians, Francis was irritated.

In September, he told reporters, “I have never withheld the Eucharist to anybody,” adding that bishops should be shepherds, not politicians.

As a result, it’s probable that the vaccination disagreement is just another illustration of the schism between conservative bishops and the Pope.

More than Catholic politicians’ careers are at risk: the lives and health of American religious community members and everyone they deal with.

The morality of routine vaccinations based on decades-old aborted babies was formerly debated among Vatican experts, but not among parishioners.

You don’t see Catholic parents refusing immunizations to protect their children from diseases like measles and chickenpox.

Or hear bishops warn against using Tylenol, Sudafed, Benadryl, and other pharmaceuticals derived from aborted fetal tissue.

Recognizing that unvaccinated people continue to die from Covid, bishops in places like South Dakota stress the significance of Catholics having allowed refusing vaccinations.

“We have the right to follow our conscience.” “We must not be coerced to act against our conscience, to do what we know is unethical,” they stated in August.

But when have the bishops of the United States of America honored Catholics’ freedom to conscience?

It doesn’t come up when the bishops are trying all they can to make abortion illegal.

They don’t believe Catholic women can make moral judgments regarding abortion based on their consciences, family circumstances, or even the risk to their own health or lives.

What about LGBTQ Catholics who think that their love for their partners is holy and nourishing rather than sinful?

Despite their strong commitment, church authorities feel free to dismiss or reject LGBT Catholics. They are not permitted to excuse themselves because they feel the pope’s statements are incorrect.

A Catholic lady who has a strong desire to serve as a priest is not given any explanation. It makes no difference to her conscience. Priestesses who are female are automatically excommunicated.

Maybe the US Conference of Catholic Bishops should check their own consciences and see whether tolerating vaccine-rejecting people is preventing a pandemic.

The incapacity of the United States church to firmly support vaccines may be the gravest sin of all.

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