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Covid Outbreak Caused by Ill Child ‘knowingly’ Sent to Class, According to California Officials.

Covid Outbreak Caused by Ill Child 'knowingly' Sent to Class, According to California Officials.

COVID Authorities say a 19 epidemic that sickened eight students and confined 75 started when parents “knowingly” brought sick youngsters to school.

The family was alerted on Nov. 8 that the kid tested positive for COVID-19, but Superintendent Brett Geithman sent the child to Neil Cummins Elementary School in Corte Madera anyhow.


“Their parents deliberately sent them and their sibling to school for seven days,” stated Geithman, the Marin County superintendent. “His sibling subsequently tested positive,” the AP said.

Officials from Marin County Health wondered why their database didn’t show the new instance, according to The Marin Independent-Journal. He stated the district would take “corrective action,” but he couldn’t say what that is. He assured The Marin Independent-Journal that the kids would be OK.

The Marin County Public Health Department stated it would “respond appropriately” to the COVID-19 procedure violation, according to the Chronicle. In the statement, the home sent a COVID-19 good youngster to school.

Geithman revealed that three of the outbreak’s eight COVID-19 cases came from school. The quarantines disrupted family gatherings and travel during Thanksgiving. We must be vigilant and follow procedures, Geithman told The Marin Independent-Journal.

The epidemic did not hospitalize any youngsters, he added. Although pupils aged 5-11 were recently eligible for immunizations, the epidemic started without them. According to Johns Hopkins University, over 265 million instances of COVID-19 have been verified globally, with over 5.2 million fatalities.

In the US, about 49 million cases have been verified, with over 788,000 fatalities.


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