Coronavirus Kills the Owner of a Diner that Remained Operating During the Government Shutdown


A Michigan restaurant owner who had been keeping his restaurant /diner open despite coronavirus shutdown.

He was doing so in order to pay his medical bills.


He, unfortunately, died due to complications caused by the virus.

John Parney, who was 62, operated the Quincy Diner along with his wife Paula.

He kept his restaurant open in 2020.

His wife was suffering from the fourth stage of colon cancer, so the couple used to “depend on this restaurant to help subsidize billing and all of that. My employees need that. Of course, if I’d have stayed closed much longer, I’d have lost the business.”

Even if the restaurant could not pay all of his money for bills, taxes, insurance, and electricity. Still, according to him, something was better than nothing.

He was told to keep his restaurant shut by the health department in order to follow the Covid -19 protocols. He still kept on running his business.

Earlier Parney was hospitalized had he had caught the virus in September this year only.

And now died on December 14th.

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“You do get flak from a lot of people that lean the other way, that you ought to be closed,” Parney said. “They don’t understand that I lost a quarter of a million dollars the first time around I’m not a rich man at all. I need this place to run”