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Corona virus pandemic was predicted earlier

News is spinning all over the world, Corona virus pandemic was predicted earlier

It can be seen that prediction of this pandemic was made earlier in the series of  Brooklyn Nine-Nine. As everyone is very well aware of it that Coronavirus is getting worst day by day, everyone around in the world is stuck in their homes doing all their office works from home because of the lockdown which government initiated so as to avoid the spread of coronavirus and meanwhile, the Character of Jake Peralta of the series Brooklyn Nine-Nine predicted this as he said there will be the shortage of toilet papers in the very last season of the series which was season 7.


Adrian Pimento who makes a comeback in the season 7, episode 3. This coronavirus thing is being shown in that particular episode, there is a short scene where Jake Peralta and Charles Boyle is helping Adrian as he is facing the problem of short term memory loss, also it is shown that he has tattoos all around his body which help him remember things which he usually uses to forget as he has this memory loss problem (mentioned before).


Further in the same scene, when Adrian is standing naked before Jane, there is tattoo in the big bold letters in Adrian’s body which says “Buy toilet papers”. this scene gained great popularity, lots of tweets of this scene were made as this particular thing turned out to be a reality. The USA and every country around the world is facing the problem of Coronavirus and some people have stocked the toilet papers that others are facing a problem as they are not getting the toilet papers. Jane in the same scene even said that he could not imagine such a horrific condition.

This particular scene became really trending and it is not really surprising that the fans of this show believe that this pandemic was predicted earlier by Jane Peralta. In fact, there are many funny memes going around on this. People even started saying that he (Jane Peralta) has come down from time travel and has predicted all this about the problem.




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