Corona: More than 2 thousand deaths in America, Trump said – no need for quarantine

  • Increase in number of corona infected patients in America
  • Corona killed more than 2 thousand people in the US

The world’s most powerful country, the deadly outbreak of the coronavirus continues. On the one hand, while positive cases are increasing constantly, the number of deaths is also increasing. Till now, until 9 am on Sunday, the number of corona infected cases has increased to 124,377. At the same time, the death toll has increased to 2,190. Apart from this, 1,095 patients have recovered from the disease.

Most cases are coming from New York, where 672 people have lost their lives due to coronavirus. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump tweeted that the White House’s Corona Virus Task Force has given instructions to issue strict travel advisories in New York.

On the Coronavirus, the US President said that quarantine is not needed. Tonight CDS will decide about this. Explain that the US government is making arrangements to evacuate American citizens trapped in the country amid the lockdown imposed in the wake of the Coronavirus epidemic in India.

US official Ian Brownlee said on Friday that we are talking to American and foreign flight services to bring back America directly from India. He said that it will take some time to get permission from both the countries of India and America. Explain that to fight the coronavirus epidemic, India has implemented a lockdown across the country along with the cancellation of all flights.



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