Confirmed Coraline 2 Updates: Will There Be A Sequel?


Coraline was released on 5 February 2009 with an amazing story that would make you wonder about the plot itself. Personally, when I watched the film in the theatre, I was hooked up. Being a kid movie, the show still deals with some of the dark theme content that makes it ideal for the adult to watch. As the show premiered, it received many appreciations and fans showed great responses to it. Fans had been speculating if the show will ever get a sequel. The animated film that follows the dark theme and somewhat horror story was released 11 years earlier and still, the fans are expecting a sequel. Can we see Coraline 2 in the near future? Are there any possibilities for the show to happen?

I know most of the people have been hoping to get another part as the initial film didn’t conclude everything. With the show already released on the Screen, the ending of the show was dynamic and asked for another chapter to explain. It’s been years since the film was put on the TV and there is no doubt fans would have moved on with the show. But surprisingly, there are still many people who take their responsibility to remind the other fans that the sequel might be an option for them. 

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In this article, we’ll be talking about Coraline 2 and the possibility of its sequel in detail. If you are someone who wants to know about the series then this article would help you out. 

Coraline: A Horror-Animated Show!

coraline 2

Following the horror story, this American Animated film was initially released in 2009. As soon as the show premiered, fans were happy to hear the story. Revolving around a young girl named Coraline, the story takes you to the aspects where the viewer will find the need for a family. 

The film put the major question among the young generation and their home. The movie was initially released on 5 February 2009 and as the film was released, many people got to appreciate the center of it. With amazing cinematography and super memorable characters, the movie got tons of positive feedback from the audience. 

Directed by Henry Selick, the film series is based on the popular novel by Neil Gaiman that shares the same name. When the first film was released, fans were asking about the possible sequel. When will the film release its sequel? What is the possibility of another chapter? And so on are the most requested questions. It’s been a long time since we last saw the movie and there is no doubt that over these years, fans still miss the story of this animated show, during the covid-19, the film has reportedly gained viewership. Does this mean there would be a sequel? Find this in the next section.

No wonder Tokyo Raven is one of the popular Japanese anime series that has not only been a popular show for the netizens but also across the world. The show has such great content to watch and that makes it a perfect anime series to get another season. With only one season of the show released, fans have been wondering if they will ever witness Tokyo Raven Season 2.

Coraline 2: Is it Happening Or Not?

Coraline 2 updates

Well, that’s a pretty tricky question. Seeing the graph of the time, the show was released in 2009 and nearly 12 years have passed and we haven’t received any word from the officials. The story of this horror cum thriller animation show has been a fan favorite animation show at the time of its release. 

Since then, many animated movies have been released with the blockbuster hit and of course, some fans have forgotten that there used to be a popular movie called Coraline. 

Over the past few years, many classical animation movies are getting renewed, especially those released during the time of Caroline’s era. With that happening, fans have been speculating that there might be a chance for the sequel too.

Coraline 2 is still a most requested animation movie from the viewers but the officials have not spoken out regarding the show. A sequel of the movie fairly seems a choice because the movie already got a lot of achievements and appreciation from the world. Producing another part won’t be a double subject. 

However, the officials have still not announced any official statement regarding it. It’s been 12 years and any show has been renewed between these years. But we still see the potential of Coraline 2 and after the tweet from Neil Gaiman, the chances rise pretty well. 

One fan tweeted, “please make Coraline 2… what you are waiting for, come onnnnn.”

To which the writer replied, “I’m waiting for a Coraline story that’s as good as or better than Coraline. There’s no point in making something less than the first book or movie.”

Coraline 2: When is it going to be Released?

Coraline 2 news

The writer of the book is already interested in working on the upcoming project related to the movie. So far, there have been no updates regarding the movie and whether it is canceled or renewed. 

As far the interest of the audience is concerned, everyone is hoping to see the movie as soon as possible. But there is no plot to be dealt with. It’s been 12 years and the author’s are still planning to make the movie’s plot. I mean this sounds pretty lame because, during this time, a movie should have got its multiple sequels if the creators wanted. 

But we can’t deny the fact that the writer is trying to make another book. The creators have surely put the viewers on thinking and to us too. Still, there is no fixed release date and confirmation about the Coraline 2.

There is no doubt that the film has made a loyal and constant fanbase which have been practicing and asking for a sequel from time to time. But there would be a time when the wait would be over. With tons of movies getting their sequel after decades, there is nothing wrong with making another one. With the writer has not yet written a follow-up book, I think that there are merely chances for the series to release in the next few years. 

The Leftover has already claimed its position in the entertainment world. As a matter of fact, the series has been receiving positive feedback after every season. The viewers of the show have been accepting everything pretty well and so far the series has been in a great position. Soon after Season 3 ends, the viewers have been suspecting whether there will be The Leftovers Season 4 or not.