Confirmed casts of the movie Birds Of Prey


The movie is only some days away for its release in the theaters. The movie has already been released in Malaysia and the fans are already loving it. The characters in the movie are way too excellent. Margot Robbie played her part so perfectly. She is destined to play the role of Harley Quinn.

The Suicide Squad spin-off sees Harley Quinn reprised as Margot Robbie who also serves as the producer of the film on a new adventure, joined by the cast of female DC characters previously devoid of the cinematic treatment.

Despite being told from Harley Quinn’s quirky villainess it is clear that the movie Birds Of Prey is more than Harley Quinn movie, given the team she assembles to take on one of Gotham’s biggest gangsters, Black Mask. But who re the women, who are the actresses portraying them, and how will their portrayals on the big screen compare to their DC comics origins?

Here are some of the confirmed casts of the movie

1 Harley Quinn

Margot Robbie will be the main character of the movie as always. She has been loved by her fans even in the movie Suicide Squad.

2 Huntress(Mary Elizabeth Winstead)

Huntress is like Harley Quinn not a founding member of the comic book iteration of Birds of Prey team but can claim to be a member of the Batfamily.

3 Black Canary(Jurnee Smollet- Bell)

The crime fighter alters the ego of Dinah Laurel Lance got her name from her ability to convert her voice into a supersonic blast referred to as Canary Cry.

4 Renee Montoya(Rosie Perez)

Like Harley, Gotham City police officer Renee has originally created for the Batman: The Animated Series as an additional colleague of Commissioner Jim Gordon.

5 Black Mask(Ewan McGregor)

The powerful Gotham city crime lord who wears the broken skull of his father, earning the nickname Black Mask.

Several other characters in the movie will be uniquely playing their roles. Let us hope the best for the whole team and wish them all the luck for the movie.


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