Comic book movies are the next evolution in vamp Entertainment

The vampires haven’t fallen out of popularity since the movie Dracula first saw publication in 1897. Instead, the genre has tettered in and out of the spotlight, always learning to adapt to the times while also taking inspiration from the other sources.

The fact that the vampire fiction adapts to the times is pretty apparent from its history. Although the movie Dracula first established its reputation for classical horror at the turn of the 20th century, culminating in the artistically praised Nosferatu of 1922, it moved away from the world of high art and into the realm of pulp fiction in the ensuing decades.


By the late 1950s vamps were a fixture of EC Comics’ horror line, appearing in titles like The Haunt of Fear and Tales from the Crypt. What is interesting is that the evolution of the vampire genre seems to jump back and forth between the ruminative world of literature and the titillating thrill of comic books. The 1970’s era saw a resurgence of vampires in the world of comics as the comics code authority that had forbidden them for years fell to the wayside, but in the world of cinema, it was adaptations of literature that dominated the box office.

Superhero movies have completely dominated the cinema market since the MCU debuted with Iron Man back in the year 2008. In the decade thereafter, they became not only a fixture year-round at theatres but also a constant source of excitement and speculation from audiences hungry for more.

Well, hopes are still up in the vampire genre. A new Blade movie is set for a production starring Mahershala Ali is in works with MCU and with Sony pacing with Morbius, the groundwork is being set for the resurgence of the vamps in the superhero filled market.

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