We all know Cody Simpson he was with Miley Cyrus but they seem to have broken up now. Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus are not together they are either playing with our hearts before Christmas, or these signs are being misread. The Australian heartthrob singer was spotted by the media and the fans out this Saturday in NYC, he was walking alongside the playboy model Jordy Murray who is actually the December 2019 Playmate. So yeah she is a very famous girl by herself. The main thing and the most curious thing about this is that Miley Cyrus is nowhere to be found for this SoHo stroll.

Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus

Speaking of Miley Cyrus, she posted a message discussing a song that she wrote about being lonely for the holidays, but what she wrote had a very positive vibe which encouraged the folks to love themselves.
Miley the song she wrote was very touching and the lines that she had mentioned there in her Instagram account. She mentioned the feelings of light hope then she mentioned joy and peace as well knowing how she was feeling so much lonely.


The singer then finished her heartfelt message by saying that ‘Love always Wins’ this writing seems simple though but in her heart this means a lot and also in the light of Cody surfacing with another woman the same day, which is very sad for her to face it alone.

As for when we last saw these two together in public, it happens to be about two weeks ago. It seemed that Miley and Cody have not been or appeared together in couply photos for a very while. The last thing that Cody posted with Miley was on November 23rd which has become a month a now.