He was a legendary High school football coach Herman Boone who was portrayed by Denzel Washington in the movie ‘Remember the Titans’ has died at the age of 84, his school Wednesday. Those who do not know him or hearing his name for the first time, he was the head coach at T.C Williams High School in Virginia where he led a group of integrated players to a 13-0 record and the state championship in the year 1971 as well as national championship runner up honors.

Herman Boone

His whole school sent him warm regards saying that it was a great sadness for his death and that they shared the sad news of the passing former Head Football coach Herman Boone who lead the Titans of The State Championship back in the year 1971.


The accomplishment was then turned into a Disney flick 2000 it starred Washington as the Titans head coach. The actor Washington received a Black Reel Award for the Best Actor in 2001, for the role that was given to him and as well as Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture at the NAACP Image Awards.

The coach’s team gained the national attention back in the year in 1971 when President Nixon dubbed the Titans “the team saved the city of Alexandria” Boone, later on, he continued to coach the Titans until he was let go in 1979. He will always be one legend and he will be remembered by the work that he had done.

His school and his old students will always miss him and we know that his work will always remain in our minds and heart. Rest in peace Boone you will always be missed by the whole world and you will always remain a true and a good legend that we ever had.