Clueless Movie: Filming Location and Is It a Real Story?


Thought about extraordinary compared to other youngster comedies, time, ‘Clueless’ follows the story of a chic, rich, mainstream, and smart young lady named Cher Horowitz. It turned into a clique top pick for its faultless style sense just as the clever jokes. The film follows the heroes’ endeavors to better others’ lives by intruding in it. She makes a match of two of her educators who give her terrible grades, and embraces a waste of time to transform her into another famous young lady. In the mean time, she attempts to explore her own heartfelt connections, which include Josh, her stepbrother, and Christian, another kid in school. On the off chance that you can’t help thinking about why the story sounds so natural, here’s the appropriate response.

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Is Clueless Based on a True Story?


No, ‘Clueless’ did not depend on a genuine story. It depends on a unique screenplay by Amy Heckerling. She was approached to compose a story for youngsters by Paramount. This returned her to the books that she had perused in her teenagers. Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’ struck a chord and she carried a contort to the story by giving it an advanced setting, for which she marked a Beverly Hills school to study the way of life of teens.

In the film, Emma became Cher, Mr Knightly became Josh, Harriet became Tai, and Frank Churchill became Christian, but a free form of him. Mr Hall and Ms Geist, whom Cher attempts to coordinate, are an adaptation of Mr and Mrs Weston. Mr Hall is likewise motivated by a genuine individual. Heckerling’s companion, Herb Hall, was a discussion educator in Beverly Hills High. She decided to name the person after him, and furthermore got him a section in the film. He plays the school Principal.

When Heckerling composed the content, it wasn’t quickly gotten. She had composed it as a pilot for a TV show, however, the green-light won’t ever show up. Sooner or later, when she sent the content for new thought to a better place, she was encouraged to change the content for a film, since it was too great to ever be a TV show. Another abstract motivation that molded the story of ‘Clueless’ was Anita Loos’ comic novel, ‘Men of their word Prefer Blondes’.

More About The Film

Something about the film that has pestered the crowd throughout the years is the apparently perverted connection among Cher and Josh. Notwithstanding, Heckerling clarified it away with the genuine relationship that had propelled the association of the lead characters. It just so happens, the chief’s grandparents had a similar association. They were step-kin, and had met after their bereft guardians got hitched. Consequently, in light of the fact that they are not related by blood, it’s not actually an issue.

Another genuine episode that advanced into the content was a story that her companion hosted advised her at a supper get-together. It was about a begun wearing man fashioner suits at his better half’s command. At some point, he got held up at gunpoint and the mugger requested that he get on the ground, to which he answered, “However this is Armani.” The circumstance appeared to be exceptionally silly to Heckerling and she put in the film. Just, Cher truly was worried about the Alaïa outfit, while the man was essentially scared of what his significant other would say.

Clueless Filming Locations

This cutting edge variation of Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’ takes the watchers to Beverly Hills, where a young lady named Cher enjoys her interest of making the existences of individuals around her better. The film ships the crowd from the excellent wide open spaces of Highbury to the cutting edge districts of California, flipping the story on a few events, because of its setting. Los Angeles fills in as the essential filming location for ‘Clueless’. A few neighborhoods around the city include conspicuously in the film.

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Los Angeles, California

‘Clueless’ presents an extremely beautiful and popular image of the world that Cher lives in. The setting is of Beverly Hills and that is the place where the majority of the shooting occurred.

The filming of the scenes with Cher’s home occurred in 5148 Louise Ave, Encino. She goes to Bronson Alcott High School. Occidental College at 1600 Campus Road in Eagle Rock subbed for Cher’s place of graduation. All the scenes with the grounds, the tennis court, the homerooms and the cafeteria have been recorded here. A piece of the shooting additionally occurred at Ulysses S. Award High School at 13000 Oxnard Street in Van Nuys.

Quite possibly the most humorous scenes of the film is the place where Cher is robbed. As per the film, the episode happens in Sun Valley. In all actuality, the scene was shot at the Circus Liquor on 5600 Vineland Avenue in North Hollywood. Extra filming locations remember Witch’s House for 516 N. Walden Drive, Beverly Hills; Weingart Gallery, Bird Road; Westfield Fashion Square in Sherman Oaks; and Rodeo Drive Steps on 150 N Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills.