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Clayton Beathard Stabbing case

It has been reported that Michael D. Mosely has been accused of the double murder stemming from a stabbing incident that had taken place last week in Nashville and had claimed the life of a man named Clayton Beathard. Clayton Beathard was the brother of the brother of San Francisco 49ers quarterback C. J. Beathard – has been arrested on homicide charges. According to the Nashville police department, Michael Mosely was taken into custody in Cheatham County, Tennesse.

Clayton Beathard Stabbing case

The Police department had previously issued a warrant for the 23-year-old announcing that he had been charged with counts of criminal homicide and 1 count of attempted criminal homicide for the stabbing of three men outside the Dogwood Bar early on Saturday.

It seems that the dangerous stabbing had appeared to have resulted from an argument over a woman that began inside Dogwood Bar and then they turned physical when the parties had gone outside. The Police department said that multiple persons were involved in the outdoor fight during which the two men were both stabbed in their sides. A third stabbing victim, a 21-year-old man, was treated and released.

On the same night that Beathard was stabbed, the 49ers had beaten the Los Angeles and C.J was not active during the game, but the head coach of the team Kyle Shanahan addressed the tragic incident during a press talk.

Beathard was only 22 years old when he was stabbed and killed to death. It is such a cruel thing to do to human beings. People don’t understand the value of each other. We hope that justice is done to the victim and wish all the luck to his friends and family who was always by his side.



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