Circus Of Books: Netflix is Back with a Documetary, The Releae date


‘Circus Of Books’ is one of the newest documentaries on Netflix. It is all set the surface the Netflix on April 22, 2020. Actually the Circus of Books is a store in Los Angeles. Everyone who has ever been to LA knows about this store. Circus of Books has quite an interesting and amazing tale behind it. And the Netflix’s new original documentary actually covers that tale.

The Story of Circus Of Books



The story revolves around the life of a couple Karen and Barry mason. It tells how they managed to run a gay book store and sex shop- ‘CIRCUS OF BOOKS’. It was better known as ‘the centre of the gay universe’.

Circus Of Books

The documentary reveals their struggle to raise their children without letting anyone know what kind of store they exactly operated. The struggle of providing a safe place to the LGBTQ community when they had nowhere else to go. This store actually gave the LGBTQ community a place to celebrate and accept themselves without the fear of any judgement.