Comparing a new franchise movie to Avengers: Endgame might sound like something which is not possible. When the actor Chris Pratt said that this is about Jurassic World 3, then the fans have to take it very seriously considering that he was also there in Endgame itself.

His involvement now in Jurassic World 3 seems to be coming to a head, with their third sequel in the revived franchise sounding like one of the biggest movies that have ever attempted. The actor detailed all these on a recent Ellen DeGeneres Show.


We do know if anything that he said was right or wrong? But when we looked a little bit closer at the story, it might be more than just similar. They may have the same plot structure. During the show, the actor could not resist giving away the tremendous cast list to the fans.

Considering the original cast of Jurassic Park will be back for the new Jurassic World 3. The actor also said that they will be doing their previous roles, they will be reprising their roles.


We don’t doubt that the actor was a bit hyped himself realizing that he could be in the two of the biggest franchise films of all, other than the Star Wars.

The actor has done quite a lot of movies and has proved himself that yes he can do it. The plots of Jurassic World and Park are mostly the same. The people who are not bright reviving elements of the dinosaur park again and again.

If at least the actor brought a very refreshing approach to his very new role as Owen Grady. The new film might be bringing some good changes as we have been hearing so much about it.

Some of the structures always resonate, and maybe Endgame’s basic screenplay outline will be emulated for some years to come.

There is no word on what the exact plot of the New Jurassic World 3 will be yet, but it certainly seems set up to have the same plot points to the new part as well.