Chinese Woman’s masturbation act in Ikea store prompts security upgrade

IKEA chinese woman

Chinese Woman’s masturbation act in the Ikea store prompts security upgrade

IKEA has reviewed over the incident that happened in their store. In this incident, a woman has appeared inside their showroom. This company has now been given orders that they should tighten their security for safe shopping by the customers. The Daily Mail has reported this news that there should be doing this process in their China branch.

The clip that was viral after this incident shows a woman with half-naked clothes. She also gets included while doing sex act solo on the showroom beds. Adding to that, there were also the customers behind the girl. The thing to be focused on is the customers are busy with shopping which this act happened.

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About the Clip

In China’s social media account, this clip got more than 9 Million views. So, from this we can say that IKEA is a trusted brand, so they should take this thing seriously. And now more than 9 million pairs of eyes have seen this clip, so they must do something to apologize.

Concerning this incident, Ikea has stated that they are opposing this kind of behavior in their stores and anywhere. Also, they apologize for this kind of incident happens. Adding to they mention that they had reported it to the cop. But note that, in this whole statement, they did not disclose the location of the store where this thing happened.

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IKEA Statement


The company also said that they will be more cautious from now and they will also improve cleanliness in their stores. So, due to these improvements, customers can get a safe, healthy, hygienic as well as positive environment out there.

The location was China province Guangdong. The reason for this is that they hear some Cantonese words out there. Also, they noticed that the shopkeepers as well as the customers did not wear masks there. So, they concluded that this incident was on before the outbreak of Coronavirus.

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Not the First Time

Note that this is not the first time that this type of video clip surpasses China’s censors. 2015 in Beijing, the same thing happened with a couple.

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