Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s Gavin Leatherwood teases Nick Scratch Journey in Season 4

Nick might be the bad boy in the series, but Gavin- who plays the conflicted warlock on the show- is not. The 25-year-old actor recently wrapped shooting of season 4 of the series after 10 months in Vancouver.

Though there is no news yet on another Sabrina will continue past season 4- Netflix usually won’t announce pickups until about a month after a whole season finishes airing. 


There is still plenty to discuss with Gavin, including nick’s big emotional arc in season 3.

Gavin Leatherwood

There are so many different layers to him. Because there was that kind of bad boy nature, with his orgy stuff and studying some of the dark magic on the side and whatnot. 

But he was also not studious and a diligent warlock. He has the persona of a bad boy, but he also has a really good heart and I think Sabrina brings that out of him.

When she comes around its like when the Grinch heart grows. He feels his warm, fuzzy center start to tingle up and realize that there is this thing called love.

Certainly, everybody looks these shows through the lens of shipping….is that a direction we should look in? Or is it going to be more of a friendship?

I think that there is a comfortability and a familiarity between Nick and Prudence. They have known each other for a long time and they have messed around in the past, plus the other weird sisters. There is a serious committed quality to them.

There is something comfortable with them. And at this point, they are depending on each other to reconcile and get back to ingratiating themselves into the witch world. But we all know that Nick’s heart is pretty bound to Sabrina.


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