Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will be back with a third season


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina first came out in 2018 and has gained immense popularity since. This Netflix original is an American supernatural horror web television series created by Roberto Aguirre Sacasa, based on Archie comic of the same name. However, the series is an adaptation of the 1980s popular series ” Sabrina the Teenage Witch”, a dark tale coming-of-age that revolves around horror and occult. It portrays the story of Sabrina Spellman a young teenage girl who tries hard to balance her life and dual nature as a half-mortal and half-witch. As if this weren’t enough, Sabrina has to wrestle to protect her family and the human world from evil!


As we already know that Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is back with season three but people prefer to call it part 3. Needless to say, fans are absolutely in love with this more mature version of Season 3 Sabrina and this is believed to be the most comsoscons season yet. Many fans have observed that seasons 3 has been on point with no unnecessary deviations, Sabrina easily finds her way into Hell and very smoothly saves Nick and brings him out of Hell. However, the price must be paid for overthrowing Lucifer’s crown. We are happy to see Lilith ruling but we can’t overlook that she does not inherit Lucifer’s power as a creature of Heaven and we won’t be surprised to see her reign and glory soon come to an end. Moreover, we are excited to see what happens next in the twisted life of Sabrina.

The cast of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3 :

The cast of season 3 includes Kiernan Shipka playing the character of Sabrina Spellman, Ross Lynch as Harvey Kinkle, Miranda Otto as Zelda Spellman, Lucy Davis as Hilda Spellman, Michelle Gomez as Madam Satan, Lachlan Watson as Susie Putnam, Richard Coyle as Father Black, Tati Gabrielle as Prudence, Chance Perdomo as Ambrose Spellman, Gavin Leatherwood as Nicholas, Jaz Sinclair as Rosalinda, Abigail Cowen, Adeline Rudolph, Bronson Pinchot, Jedidiah Goodacre as Dorian Gray and Spencer Treat Clark as Jerathmiel.