Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Season 3 Every Episode Ranked (According To IMDb)-


The third season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina dismissed from the latest relevant point of interest.

Sabrina’s assurance to bring her beau, Nicholas Scratch, back home from Hell, is the inspiration driving the main episode of the season.

However, the season goes more inside and out than looking for Nick.

In the wake of finding that Lilith won’t be acknowledged as Queen of Hell, Sabrina ventures up to run for the royal position to forestall transforming the human-Earth into the tenth domain of Hell.

All through the season, Sabrina must contend with Caliban for control of the Underworld.

In the interim, there is another witch tribe in Greendale with plans to change things as we probably are aware of them.

These are every episode of Part 3 positioned, as indicated by IMDb.


Before Part 3, it would not have been a first nature to consider that Hell has a striking likeness to The Wizard of Oz.

However, in “The Hellbound Heart,” that is the thing that Hell is suggestive of. Lilith assumes the job of the Wicked Witch while one of her toadies holds the presence of a munchkin.

Such minutes, for example, Lilith viewing Sabrina and her companions through a precious stone ball and Sabrina being advised to follow the dark red street are additional references.

The episode centers for the most part around Sabrina, Harvey, Roz, and Theo arriving at Nick. Generally, it sets up Sabrina’s circular segment for the rest of the period concerning the race for control of Hell among Sabrina and Caliban.

The debut of the period additionally includes an appearance from Nathalie Boltt as Miss. Dubois. Boltt depicts Penelope Blossom on Riverdale.


Sabrina assuming the administration of Hell accompanies a larger number of obligations than Sabrina was set up for.

At the point when Lilith discloses to Sabrina that aspect of her responsibilities is to drag spirits to Hell, Sabrina is against it.

In any case, when she discovers that an individual she had consistently thought to be guiltless was a walk darker soul that she accepted, Sabrina sanctions an arrangement to censure him.

In the interim, Prudence and Ambrose proceed with their mission to discover and execute Faustus Blackwood. “Drag Me to Hell” starts posing another arrangement of inquiries when Father Blackwood says he had been away for a long time, not a month.


Fans and the media had recommended the idea of a hybrid scene between Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Riverdale since Chilling Adventures of Sabrina debuted on Netflix.

While “Heavy Is the Crown” doesn’t formally consider a hybrid occasion, it is the first run through the crowd that sees Sabrina and Ambrose cross into Greendale’s neighboring town of Riverdale.

Their visit originates from Ambrose finding King Herod’s crown, a bit of the Unholy Regalia, to the Blossom family.

Rather than carrying the thing directly to Hell, Ambrose demands to concentrate the ancient rarity. Sadly, Caliban takes the crown from Sabrina and gets the kudos for winning the first round.


The Church of Night faces the impacts of their winding down enchantment during the Hare Moon function.

Declining to lose trust, the Spellman family considers approaches to hold and fortify their enchantment. Be that as it may, melting away enchantment isn’t the main issue Sabrina needs to confront.

Even though she needs things with Nick to return to typical, things have just deteriorated. As yet feeling Lucifer’s essence inside his body, Nick battle with how to deal with his feelings.

His indignation and urgency to discover a feeling of harmony turns out at Sabrina as he concedes that at whatever point Nick takes a gander at his better half, he just observes her dad.


The opportunity has arrived for the following round in finding a bit of the Unholy Regalia. This occasion has Sabrina and Caliban venturing outback to discover Pontius Pilate’s bowl.

Be that as it may, Sabrina must abstain from becoming mixed up in time. In the wake of arranging a plan, Sabrina effectively wins the test, taking the bowl home with her.

In the interim, the Dark Lord gets inside Harvey’s psyche, preying onto his instabilities when Roz lies before him as a statue.

Harvey becomes tied up with the remarks and calls a gathering of folks to assist him with rampaging the jamboree.

Hilda likewise feels the beginning periods of her change.


In the season finale, Sabrina figures out how her nonappearance has influenced her companions, family, and the town of Greendale.

Decades in the wake of being deceived by Caliban, Sabrina is awoken by another rendition of herself and advised to change spots to perceive what the world has become.

As Sabrina strolls around town, she sees how her home and the greater part of Greendale has been left despondently, and Ambrose is the main residual individual from their family left.

Wishing to make things right, Sabrina returns to ensure that the future doesn’t occur. By deceiving the Pagan witches and halting Caliban, Sabrina effectively stops the future she had seen.

In any case, choosing to defy the norms much further, as opposed to switching places like she was intended to, or converge with her other self, the two Sabrinas decide to make a potential Catch 22.

While one Sabrina returns home to be with her loved ones, the different stays to guarantee the royal position of Queen of Hell.


The penultimate episode of the season closes sadly for each character on the show. With Sabrina on a journey to locate the last bit of the Unholy Regalia, Judas Iscariot’s 30 bits of silver, everybody must figure out how to prevail without her.

Lamentably, with Sabrina missing, Hilda dead, and Zelda oblivious, different witches, Ambrose, Prudence, and Nick, alongside the humans, are isolated and dwarfed.

In the interim, in her oblivious state, Zelda reunites with Hilda and their sibling Edward as they experience Zelda’s recollections, looking for an approach to leave their war with the Pagan witches as champs.