Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: 10 Worst things the Aunts Did to Sabrina


10 horrible things The Spellman aunts did to Sabrina in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina :

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is an American web television series that depicts a teenage witch, Sabrina Spellman. 

Sabrina as it is leading a rather difficult life, however her Aunts, Hilda and Zelda Spellman somehow to appear to make it more difficult for her. 

Here is a list of 10 worst things that they’ve done to her :

1. Teaching her submission and Free Will.

We are well aware of the concept of religious hypocrisy in the show, however a lot of times that Hilda and Zelda pressures Sabrina to do something, such as to follow the dark lord , appears to be entirely contradictory. 

They say that Lucifer is not a representation of evil, but is a representation of free will and freedom of choice.

2. Convincing Sabrina to submit to the Dark Lord.

We all know the dark lord is the God of these witches, however, Satan’s decisions and ideas for Sabrina’s future have most certainly proven themselves to be unreliable. Despite the truth her aunts force her to submit to the Dark Lord.

3. Trying to get Sabrina to sign the Book of Beast.

It is a known fact that religious traditions and rites mean a lot to the Spellman family.

Regardless we can’t overlook the fact Sabrina is just a teenage girl when she is commanded to sign her free will away into the Book of Beast, her aunts along with everyone else present to encourage her to so so!

4. Encouraging Sabrina’s Dark Baptism.

Dark Baptism is something very common for someone born into that Church of Night or who is born to Satanism. While it’s something most kids look forward to, it was not the case with Sabrina.

She had her doubts about the baptism and instead of clearing her quaries, her aunts convince her to overlook her concern and ho ahead with it

5. Wanting her to give up her mortal life.

Many fans believe that it was rather ruthless for her aunts to expect Sabrina to give up her mortal life given the fact that Sabina had already spent sixteen years of her life with her mortal friends and how incredibly close she was to them.

6. Her life in the mortal realm.

Sabrina is a half mortal, half-witch and was mostly raised among the mortals. Even though she was raised as both mortal and a witch, it was quite hypocritical of her aunts to ask her to leave the mortal world after raising her in one.

7. Teaching her poor Conflict Resolution Skills.

It is a known fact that Zelda and Hilda have issues of their own and are not the best at resolving them.

However because they were raising a child, we expected them to mature a bit and serve as better role models.

8. Keeping Secrets form her.

It is a Spellman trait to keep secrets from each other, but often Zelda and Hilda withheld information from Sabrina about her past that she deserved to know.

9. Stifling Sabrina’s Independence.

Sabrina is a strong independent young girl who is a risk-taker but ends up being right in the end more often than she’s wrong.

So the fact her aunts always try to tame her transgressiveness appears to be a mistake.

10. Pushing Sabina towards Lucifer.

As we already know that in the latest season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Sabrina seems to have accepted her role in the Dark Lord’s world and hell.

Even though the aunts seem upset about it, had they not forced Sabrina to blindly do as the dark lord asked, she wouldn’t be in this position in the first place.