Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 10 Things Fans Don’t Want to See in Season 3

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Here are 10 things fans don’t wish to see in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The wait is almost over. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is about to hit the screen soon and we couldn’t be more excited. Fans believe that season 3 might as well be the best so far.

We might see Sabrina Spellman making major life decisions or even take on the role of Queen of Hell! Fans have been loving the series so far but there are few things that we never want to see again and also few people we hope to stay where they are… away from the third season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

  1. The idea of Sabrin ” The Queen of Hell” has become quite a debatable topic.

While some fans believe that this badass teenage girl is smart enough to rule Hell some fans argue that despite her intelligence she is still a teenager and has a lot to learn!

2. Sabrina’s marriage with the devil! Here’s a topic fans don’t argue about. We already know that Sabrin is the daughter of the ” Dark Lord” who intended to marry his daughter and make her his wife.

Needless to say, it appears to not just ridiculous but also repulsive and we genuinely hope it’s avoided at all costs.

3. A deal with the devil? Even though Sabrina won against the devil but we don’t have much faith as it’s a teenage witch against a devil and it’s called ” deal with the devil ” and it does not sound much reliable.

4. Sabrina ‘s dark side. From the first season onward we have seen a duality in Sabrina’s character.

Even though it appears that Sabrina had been managing this dual life pretty well, it’s still unreliable and full of risks. Sabrina might end up surrounding herself with too much darkness.

5. The feud between Sabrina and Lilith. Can’t that two just sort things out and put an end to this fight?

However, it appears that this particular issue won’t come to an end until Sabrina gets what she wants… Nick.

6. Faustus Blackwood? He might as well be one of the most hated characters in the seris.

He’s the perfect example of uncanniness and evilly, the kind who hurts his own family for his greed and it’s best if he never makes an appearance again… Ever!

7. The mission to rescue Nick? It’s a known fact that a deal with the devil can’t be reliable.

Thus it is only obvious that rescuing Nick will be Sabrina’s priority in the third season and we hope this might turn out to be a learning lesson for her.

8. Lilith ‘s reign? She is one of the most infringers characters in the series. We have hated her then loved her and then eventually both.

From time to time we feel bad for her and maybe it would be nice to see her reign Hell for a while.

9. Something is going on between Harvey and Sabrina again? There has been a lot of debate about this.

While some fans are in absolute aww, others believe Sabrina is best with Nick.

10. Prudence Blackwood. We might all be in favor of the Spellman witches but we have to agree that Prudences is no less . However we hope Prudence forges her path.