Children Of The Whales Season 2 Expected Release Date, Cast, Plot and Other Detail

Children and the whales season 2; Interesting plot lines and latest updates!!!

This series Children Of The Whales is one of the fantastic Japanese manga series and was produced by six members namely, Tomomi Kyotani, Haruka Kazuya, Natsuki Uetake, Miyuki Yamada, Yuki Takamura, Shuhei Nantan.

I am sure these producers will also remain for next season as they made the last season in the blockbuster.


Fans are much excited to watch this anime series as it was based on the genre of science fiction.  Netflix has already released one season with 12 episodes and the forthcoming season will be released after the pandemic effect. Let us wait for a good beginning.

Children Of The Whales Season 2 Plot

In this series,  there was a boy named Chakuro and he lives on a giant vessel and it was also known as a mud whale. At this place, society is divided into two parts and there were two kinds of people.

The two kinds of people are named as Thymia and lack Thymia.  One kind of person had their marks on the body. Many of the Thymia people’s had their well versed strange power. But, they had only a shortened life span.

Children and the whales season 2; Interesting plot lines

On the other hand, the lack Thymia people had no power. But they had their life span longer.  There were so many adventurous scenes with Chakuro and he often discovers a new island.

One fine day, Chakuro meets a girl and the story continues in an active manner.  There was no conclusion in the first season and the conclusion will be shown on next season. let us wait for a good finale.

Release Date Of Children Of The Whales Season 2

The first season was released on October 8, 2017, and people eagerly waiting for the next season. The next season will be premiered on Netflix as soon as possible in future days. yet, we have to wait for a new release date for this series.

Cast and Character Of Season 2

There were so many voice characters in this series and I hope they may come in next season also.

We may expect some of the voice characters such as Johnny young bosch, Bryce Papenbrook, Reba Buhr, etc…