Cells at Work! Code Black Review| Will there Be Another Season?

Cells at Work! Code Black

I have never anticipated that Cells at work would be this famous. The series has some different or you can say weird kinds of storylines that would keep the storyline interesting. Viewers get attracted to this weird kind of storyline. Cells at Work features the story of the class that is present on the human body. The anime series is educational, emotional, and also entertaining. With its first season-ending, fans are now waiting for Cells at Work! Code Black. 

Cells at Work! Code Black is a sequel or contrast of the first series, Cells at work. The initial series consisted of 2 seasons and it was successfully released on the screen. Through its different storyline, a lot of people get interested in this action-drama show.


The seal of the human philosophy drama has been recently announced and the fans are excited to dig more about the show. It’s pretty normal to get excited about your favorite anime series. After the ending of the first series, Cells at work, fans were sad to hear who the series ends. Though, the studio has already planned a little more than the expected thing. 

Another thing that makes this popular is its theme. Revolving around the human body, the show was released shortly after the Covid-19 situation. As it happens, many people, irrespective of their age, took the initiative to know about the series. That ultimately causes the immense popularity of the show around the world. 

Soon after the world got into the pandemic precautions and the lockdown happened, it was one of the shows that entertained and educated the people about their bodies. In this article, we’ll be going to read about the Cells at Work! Code Black in detail. Continue reading this article till the end to find out everything about it. 

Cells at Work! Code Black Review

Cells at Work! Code Black is one of the most anticipated series. Though it is not what many of the viewers will find entertaining, it is entertaining. As its prequel was also filled with action but what makes Cells at Work! Code Black is different because of its dark nature. 

The series is involved in much darker fights now. The monsters are transforming and becoming more dangerous and so do our superheroes. 

Cells at Work, the prequel of Cells at Work! Code Black was dealing with the optimistic image. The show features the body and how all things can come to a good end if the person cares enough about it. Not only this but the predecessor anime portrays a good image of the human body and shows things always with the good side. 

However, Cells at Work! Code Black is not like its prequel. The show becomes much more intense as we move forward with the storyline. 

Red Blood Cells, which is the main character of the series and plays the lead role. In the very first episode, we’ll see him leading to the other different cells and guiding them to their duties. the first sight seems to have an optimistic and positive approach.

But things get shattered when Red Blood Cells get to know about some of the other cells which basically belong to the old people. These cells have lost their captivity to live and now just want to die. As they are already old, they don’t want to engage themselves in any physical activity. 

Cells at Work! Code Black talks about the body in a more serialized way. As compared to the Cells at work, Cells at Work! Code Black is a more detailed version of how the body of a host gets infected when any foreign particles enter its body. 

As the show has everything more, the action scenes also count on it. Yes! anyone who loves action scenes then Cells at Work! Code Black is more brutal than its precedes. 

On the other hand, the human boys also feel the major disease and find a lot of things including the host body getting infected with gonorrhea. 

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Why Should You Watch This Anime Series?

Cells at Work! Code Black updates

If you are into action movies then Cells at Work! Code Black is definitely one to watch. This anime series is a complete standout from the other anime series. The storyline is another thing that captivates the viewer’s eyes. Though the series dealt with major issues, it still provides a base to educate humans on how to live and cope up with the disease. It features the life of a human and how things get drastic when the horrifying scenes get into the picture. 

Moreover, it provides a bridge to humans to understand the normal functioning of the body during normal days. Also, it directs us to know how the body manages to react in drastic days. Since the pandemic has already started in 2019, it is now becoming important for people to step their game on hygiene. 

Not only this, since the world has seen two drastic waves in successive years. Since the pandemic is still not over, it would be great for the viewers to understand it. The anime would tell us that everything is not over yet and we are not fully healthy and safe from the virus. Recently, South Africa reported on Omicron and now things are getting rough again. So, there are still a lot of things to learn from this anime. 

Majorly, the kids would be interested since it is a cartoon and it would help them to educate about their surroundings. Focusing on human biology, Cells at Work! Code Black would be a perfect base for understanding. 

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Cells at Work! Code Black Season 2: Is it Going to Happen?

Cells at Work! Code Black

The first season of this anime drama has already ended. The also episodes of the series were emotional and for the show like Cells at Work! Code Black, who holds such an excellent career on the screen. 

The movie received positive feedback and great ratings from the audience and the critics. Even above all these things, the show has such a divergence of storyline that keeps the audience from intrusion it. Filled with brutal actions and emotional and thriller scenes. Anyone who has watched the show wants to watch more. That’s the reason why Cells at Work! Code Black Season 2 is on-demand. 

There is no official confirmation regarding the second season of this biological anime series. The first season ended on a wrapping note. Even though the audience is demanding to continue the season, it looks like an impossible thing. 

On the other hand, there is no official confirmation which would help us to determine where the show will be confirmed to return or not. The series has come to an end and Cells at Work! Code Black Season 2 is not likely to happen. 

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