Celebrity ‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Reveals He Actually Cried at First Reagan Family Dinner

The previous 3 seasons of Blue Bloods Have observed Detective Danny Reagan residing as one dad after the departure of Linda Reagan involving 8 and Seasons 7.
Although Linda’s departure wasn’t shown on the show, the Reagan family dinner with no was an emotional scene to envision. In a brand-new interview with TVInsider, celebrity Donnie Wahlberg confessed that he teared up during production.
“The very first dinner scene without a Linda was really psychological, only Genuine emotion,” Wahlberg said when asked about the most memorable family dinner minutes. “nobody was acting that day.
My tears were real since although Amy Carlson was about, I was going to be moving forward on the show without her. I would not have a partner off, to be frank, and to assist me. It’s a substantial loss, and I shall always remember the emotion of the evening.”
Blue Bloods
Elsewhere, Wahlberg noted Son Sean, has taken on apart from the dinner scenes.
“He’s getting the voice of their youth in the dinner table, which can be very amazing,” Wahlberg said. “It’ll cause some issues for Danny because he is often coming down on the other side of where his father stands matters, so it has generated some fascinating fun.”
The Blue Bloods Writers composed Linda from this show afterward Amy Carlson decided to not renew her contract. The wake of her passing became a plot point because Danny corrected to life and tracked down the individuals responsible for Amy’s departure.
However, as Danny’s stories lean heavily on the crimes-of-the-week he tackles with Detective Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez), the show hasn’t given Danny an opportunity thus far.
Danny falling in love wasn’t ruled out by Wahlberg, But he believed it would be contrary to his own personality.
“I truly don’t think for this particular show, it is right,” Wahlberg clarified. “I truly don’t feel that would be accurate to Danny Reagan to become truthful with you. He loved Linda and I think for an Individual to take her place on that show, it is quite unique or it is simply not worthwhile”
Blue Bloods airs on CBS Fridays at 10 p.m. ET. New episodes return in 2020.


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