Cats Used CGI Because Practical Costumes Would’ve Looked Worse.


The production team of Cats explains that after testing some of the practical costumes, they have realized that CGI would be the best way to transform the actors. Cats have garnered plenty of attention after the release of its trailer; however, the attention it received, for the most part, was not praised.


The movie was originally a Broadway musical, which was composed by Andrew Weber, inspired by T.S. Elliot’s poetry old book Old Possum’s Book Of Practical Cats. In Weber’s musical, each cat within the tribe of Jellicle cats is competing to be the cat chosen to ascend to heaven and be reborn. Every single cat proves why it has or why it should be chosen to ascend to heaven by singing its song “Memory Macavity.”

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The Cats film is sticking true to Andrew Weber’s plotline and also the soundtrack. One of the songs has been added for Taylor Swift’s character, Victoria, called “Beautiful Ghosts” and was written by Weber and Taylor Swift.


The whole production team spent a copious amount of time figuring out how to transform the actors into cats. Ever since the first Cats trailer has been released, the whole production team applied the social feedback constructively. The producers of the Cats Eric Fellner and Tim Bevan assure the doubters that they are working to improve Cats CGI daily, and the felines will look different in the finished product than they did in the trailer.

Altogether Cats is an interesting musical to choose for a movie adaption while the music is very much catchy; most musical theatre fans know that Cats are notoriously difficult to follow. The whole concept is opera-style musical, and there are minimal dialogues, so the plot is not clearly stated. However, fans have responded very negatively, but the upcoming movie is in great hands since the producers of the movie are known for their work.