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Cats Trailer #2 Features Fewer Songs & More Cat Jokes coming on December 20

Universal has released a trailer for the Cat’s musical film. With Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker coming on December 20, it’s easy to forget about the other titles releasing in the winter holidays this year.

One of the most significant question marks is the massive screen adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s incredibly popular (and incredibly weird) stage musical, Kat.

The film’s trailer dropped over the summer, but it did not receive the same response one would get from a film version of one of the most successful Broadway shows ever.

So far, the conversations around Kat have focused almost entirely on director Tom Hooper’s decision to convert his actors into humanoid feelings using the so-called digital fur technique, (arguably) terrifying results.

CGI is not simple, which is why Kat will miss several award deadlines as her move to finish the production after time for its release. Meanwhile, Universal is up and running its marketing campaign this week.

Unlike the first trailer, the new Cat promos tell the plot of the film.

But the story, as adapted for the screen by Hooper and his co-writer Lee Hall (Rocketman), revolves around a tribe of cats (known as jellies) who, one night, decide to Which of them should climb the Heaviside layer and be reborn for a new life.

There is not much to the story ahead, so the new trailer covers the basics of things more or less.

On top of that, the preview includes songs less than the original music, and cat-related put and gag modes.

Unexpectedly, it appears as if James Corden and Rebel Wilson (both best known for their musical and comedy work), will be handling the bulk of the jokes in the film.

For sure, it will be excited to see how the critics and the general audience reaction to the actual Cats film.

Not only does the film’s latest trailer do a better job than before selling the music, but it looks like all age types offer a fair amount that families can comfortably check out over the winter holidays.

Its human-cat hybrids look quite bizarre in pace, but they are otherwise seen by marketing in keeping with the film’s whimsical tone and style.

Who knows: If all the pieces come together in the final film, the Cats may prove to be bonkers (or perhaps just Bonders), inspired by themselves.

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