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Cats CGI Changed After Trailer Backlash

Cats the movie has received a lot of back lost its CGI in its old trailer. When asked about the new trailer director Tom hopper said the visuals and the CGI have evolved since the backlash. This piece has become the most popular Broadway show ever. This is because of the simple plot and humane cat characters. Andrew Lloyd Webber came up with this musical in 1981 and since then it has been regarded as one of the best musicals ever.


The director of cats, Hopper who has a big label such as the king’s speech and Les Miserables the musical his name decided to bring this Broadway show into the film industry. He said that technology used is referred to as digital fur technology, but the results were not up to Mark with viewers. English movie first trailer who is not well received. do it got all the hype because of the names like Taylor Swift, Idris Elba and Judi Dench involved in it. The movie production team notices this backlash as well.


Hopper talks about the response of the trailer in an interview with the empire. He said that he was so fascinating because he did not think it was that controversial and thought it was quite entertaining. Sources that this is at the time of underdevelopment and hence the underwhelming response of the audience.

The second trailer of this movie was released earlier this month and it gave a better outlook on the whole movie. The CGI has been improved and the visual effect revised the actual plot of the trailer has not been changed. The only change this trailer has had is CGI and visual effects in response to the backlash received.

By visual effect, they mean that they have finally told this digital for technology and have made the cast resemble the feline characters.

This trailer itself had a neutral effect on the audience and hope that the movie does not flop as it includes big names as its cast. One can only say that it will be interesting to see what will be made of this movie as they are using the advantage of releasing this movie in December and making full use of the CGI motion Capture.

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