Castlevania Season 4 – Every Detail – Release Date, Plot, Cast and Other

Cheer! Castlevania Season 4 probable to sight crossover between Castlevania & ‘Devil May Cry’

Castlevania Season 4 Updates: Here’s all you need to know about the upcoming season of Castlevania: Castlevania is an American animated web television series based on the Japanese video game series of the same name by Konami.

The series was originally planned as a film, developed by producer Kevin Kolde and his company project 51. The project entered production until about 2015 when Adi Shankar boarded the project and it was picked up by streaming service Netflix. 

Other Seasons of Castlevania


The anime is heavily influenced by Japanese anime and Ayami Kojima’s artwork in Castlevania: Symphony of the night. The first season of the series premiere in July of 2017 and the second in October of 2018.

A ten-episode third season premiered in March of 2020. Henceforth Netflix announced they have renewed the series for a fourth season.

The first two seasons of the show adapt that 1989 entry Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse and the third season borrow character and elements from the 2005 entry Castlevania: the Curse of Darkness.

The third season ended on a rather absurd note with Alucard retreating to his castle, leaving the dead bodies of his friends turned betrayers Taka and Sumi outside the wards of visitors.


Meanwhile, Trevor and Sypha manage to close the Infinite Corridor and prevent the Dracula from returning to earth but with a burned down village and some monstrous secrets behind them, Trevor and Sypha are far from their happy selves we saw at the start of the season.

Thus we anticipate season 4 to pick up from where it left. It might focus on the reason behind the mishap and are likely to try to bring things back to normal.

The voice cast of season 4 :

Cheer! Castlevania Season 4 probable to sight crossover between Castlevania & ‘Devil May Cry’

The voice cast includes :

  • Richard Armitage as Trevor Belmont
  • James Callis as Adrian Alucard Tepes
  • Graham Mc Tavish as Vlad Dracula Tepes
  • Alejandra Reynoso as Sypha Belnades
  • Tony Amendola as The elder
  • Matt Frewer as The Bishop
  • Emily Swallow as Lisa Tepes
  • Theo James as Hector
  • Adetokumbho M’cormack as Issac
  • Jamie Murray as Carmilla
  • Peter Stormare as Godbrand
  • Jessica Brown Findlay as Lenore
  • Yasmine Al Massri as Moran
  • Ivana Milicevic as Striga
  • Bill Nighy as Saint Germain
  • Navid Negahban as Sala
  • Jason Issac as The Judge
  • Toru Uchikado as Taka
  • Rila Fukushima as Sumi
  • Barbara Steele as Miranda
  • Lance Reddick as The Captain

Release date of season 4

The third season premiered in March 2020, thus following the release pattern of the previous seasons, we anticipate season 4 to premier around June or July of 2021.