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Castlevania Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot and The Show Is Best Successor to Dracula’s Kingdom

Season 3 of Netflix’s Castlevania shows who is the best successor for your vampire throne Dracula left behind.

Fans were no doubt interested in the way Season 3 of Netflix’s Castlevania would cope with its Dracula arc after the vampire king had been killed off in last season.

Trevor, Sypha and his son, Alucard, killed the dark overlord, creating a power vacuum inside the species, which came as a surprise as he is the franchise’s main villain.

A coup was tried on his empire by Carmilla of Styria and while she did not finish him off, many expected her to claim his title, especially as Alucard didn’t care for his sort.

While she touts the energy, it’s not that the usurper who proves to be the successor to everything Vlad the Impaler left and created behind, it’s his former Forgemaster, Isaac.

Isaac’s one of the characters from the show, with much of his background, revealed last season, because he worked to make Night Creatures for Dracula, painting a figure that was humanized.

He is a gay, black man, oppressed, abused and used all his life and finally sold into slavery. Humans turned him, making his trip heartbreaking as hell, to make matters worse.

Why Dracula had an air of sympathy towards Isaac, teaching him what to the 18, it is Isaac’s peer-reviewed, Hector, was Alucard, as well as covetous.

Isaac appeared to be the Chosen One, that is until Dracula began to wonder whether genocide was the solution for humanity.

Dracula teleported Isaac away when his attackers arrived but you could sense there was a fracture earlier than for shifting his priorities as it came into executing people as Isaac lost confidence. Isaac felt it became clear, over time and they had been a virus, he’d finish the job.




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