Who are the Stars in ‘Steal This House’? Let’s Find Out!

In this article we will talk about the cast of ‘Steal this House’ & All we know about the movie. Let’s find out in this article below.

Introduction of the Series-

HGTV’s ‘Steal This House‘ is a home renovation reality TV show that follows Cristy Lee (known for ‘All Girls Garage‘) as she travels around her hometown, discovering and refurbishing properties. Although she is normally connected with maintaining various types of vehicles, such as automobiles, bikes, and trucks, fans are astonished to learn that her true passion in this series is house remodeling. Cristy stumbles across the most unusual and affordable houses in each episode, but with her magic hands, she transforms them into brand new and amazing residences.


The prominent TV personality demonstrates to her clients that investing in low-cost residences may be prudent if they plan their following moves wisely. All they have to do is develop a reasonable and prudent restoration budget and invest in the project to transform the unfinished property into their dream home. You’re certain to be intrigued about the filming sites of ‘Steal This House‘ as Cristy goes from one house to the next. In such case, we’ve got your back!

 Filming Locations of Steal This House

Steal This House‘ was shot entirely in Michigan, namely in the Detroit metropolitan region, where Cristy Lee has lived for several years. The first season of the home improvement program apparently began before the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic and appears to have ended up in late May 2022. Now, let’s follow Cristy from one property to the next and discover more about the various sites featured in the series!

Metro Detroit, Michigan

All of the important moments in ‘Steal This House‘ are shot in Metro Detroit, Michigan’s largest metropolitan region. While Cristy works on various home repair projects, the production team travels to several places in the region. In example, for the third episode of season one, the actors and crew set up camp in Bloomfield Hills, a city in Metro Detroit’s northern area.

cast of steal this house

Cristy Lee shared some of the problems her team had throughout the production schedule of ‘Steal This House’ in a July 2022 Showbiz Cheat Sheet interview. “So, this was the ultimate craziest whirlwind rollercoaster of remodeling a property, buying a house, filming a TV program – on top of a worldwide epidemic that no one could have predicted,” she explained.

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It was simply wild,” Cristy continued. It was really insane. We had so many things thrown at us that I believe would never have been a problem in a typical home restoration scenario with time availability, budget materials resources. Contractors who are truly available. Covid terrifies everything. As though it’s a chaotic period in the world, and we nailed it. I’m quite pleased with how everything turned out. It just took a minute, but we made it to the end.”

Cast of ‘Steal This House’

Cristy Lee stars in the Detroit-based home improvement show. She will be working with clients to refurbish their homes in the most captivating way possible. Jane Latman has produced the show while Cristy Lee has executive produced it.

cast of steal this house

Cristy Lee- 

The TV personality and businesswoman is well-known for hosting ‘Celebrity IOU Joyride‘ and ‘Barrett-Jackson Live,‘ as well as co-hosting ‘Garage Squad- All Girls Garage.’ She has also worked as a Motorsports reporter, covering everything from XGames to Off-Road Truck Racing to World SuperBike. She is as interested in house improvement as she is in mending automobiles, trucks, and bikes.

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Cristy has also been an active motorcycle rider for over 15 years, as well as a spokesperson brand ambassador for OEM manufacturers and well-known two-wheel brands.


The show’s trailer has yet to be released but stay tuned as we will update this area shortly.

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