CASHING IN Billions of Dollars In Aid Available To Struggling Americans Despite No Fourth Stimulus Check – Here’s What You’re Owed


States received financial assistance from the federal government in the form of pandemic relief payments, but governors chose to re-allocate the funds rather than send them out in another stimulus check.

The CARES Act provided around $1.9 billion to Alabama, however the funds were diverted to other infrastructural and personnel needs.


Governor Kay Ivey redirected $12.3 million to address hospital staffing shortages, and she said in September that she would use Covid-19 relief funding to build prisons.

Governor David Ige vetoed a bill that would have provided $2,200 in Covid relief money to each Hawaii teacher.

According to Marca Lifestyle, he stated, “Lawmakers don’t have the right to tell the Department of Education on how to use federal money.”

During the Trump administration, more than $17 million in stimulus cheques remained unclaimed in Kansas. There was a total of 12,921 checks that were denied, returned, or failed to cash. There is no indication that Kansas will issue further stimulus checks.

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Louisiana is committing $40 million to a reading program to assist pupils who do not read at grade level as a result of the state’s reading challenges. The usage of federal funds is only a small portion of the total yearly cost, which is estimated to be $159 million.

Rep. Dianne Herrin wants to pass the Pennsylvania Rescue Plan and spend the “federal stimulus money properly.” This plan would spend $170 million on high-quality childcare, with $100 million going to childcare facilities, $50 million to help develop on-site childcare facilities, and $20 million to help providers offer high-quality care.

Mississippi received $1.8 billion of the $6 billion allocated up for states in federal recovery funding. The majority of the funding, however, will be used to improve infrastructure, such as water and sewage systems, roads and public transportation, and internet infrastructure.

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