#CarryMinati and #JusticForCarry is trending after Youtube took down the roasting video

Carry Minati had gained more than 4 Million Subscriber with a roasting video on Tik Tokers called Youtube Vs Tik Tok which was taken down by Youtube. And now the fans of the well-known Youtubers had stormed the social media, #CarryMinati and #JusticeforCarry #JusticeforCarryMinati is trending on Twitter now.

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As, the video was trending from few days, But due to twitter ‘terms of services’ the video was deleted by youtube after which his furious fans started trending #JusticeForCarry on Twitter.

Twitter world loaded with #JusticeForCarry in favour of CarryMinati

The Video was a roast on a Tik Tok celebrity, Amir Siddiqui, who had compared the woks of Tik Tokers to YouTubers and hit Carry Minati directly. And in his retaliation Carry Minati, who is famous for his roasting created a video with full of bad languages which got millions of Subscribers and got him doubled his Subscribersin just 2 days.

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Here are the tweets from the fans of Carry Minati:


The fans are protesting to get his video online again, and are saying that they will not stop until they get whatever they want.

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Various Youtube Stars have also tweeted and have made videos in Carry Minati’s Support

Carry Minati is trending on youtube

The Youtube Star like Asish Chanchlani has also used #justiceforcarry in support of the 21 year Youtuber.

The Bollywood Actor Himanshu Kohli kept all the issued aside and wrote: “keep the good content”.

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