Captain Marvel Definitely Killed Iron Man


There is no one to forgive and easily forget Iron Man. Especially when it comes to those who gave their lives. Therefore, it is no surprise that Tony Stark still holds a grudge against one of the most powerful Avengers and for good reason. He is still mad at Captain Marvel for killing him first.

Captain Marvel and Iron Man

In the 2016 Civil War, Iron Man and Captain Marvel attacked an inhumane man named Euless, who could predict the future. Carroll Denver saw Ulasi as an asset, which could help prevent crimes before it happened. Meanwhile, Tony did not see the logic in arresting people before committing the crime. Stark’s conflict with Denver ended and the billionaire later became an AI version of himself.

In Tony Stark: Iron Man # 19, it is revealed that Tony is not ready to forget. After the removal of the Ultron / Hank Prime Hybrid, the rest of the Avengers appear after the fight. Captain Marvel turns to Tony and asks him how he is doing. He answers her by saying “it’s okay,” but he thinks he’s not the real Tony because it turns out that “I’m just some lifelong imitation that creeps up from a tube. The real Tony died.” “This is done because you killed him.”

The current Tony Stark is a machine copy of the original version that fell in World War II battles. While the current stark may be a copy, it may be a good copy as a copy. This is very Tony Stark. However, Stark’s identity crisis is real and it will not be easy for him to remain a civilian with Captain Marvel. The character portrayal of Captain Marvel in World War II harmed his possibility. In the book, the action of the considered hero eventually leads to the death of Bruce Banner and Tony, leading to a full-fledged war between the Avengers. His actions were tried to be justified, but World War II eventually caused irreparable damage to Captain Marvel.

Thankfully Marvel has done a great job of saving Captain Marvel since the events of World War II, but that doesn’t mean that anyone will forget about their actions. Stark is still completely troubled by the events that led to his becoming a copy of his former self. He has every right. Iron Man is not entirely Iron Man at the moment – at least in physical form and things are expected to get worse.

It makes little sense to expect to forget what happened in World War II. Iron Man has a problem with Captain Marvel and it’s not about going away any time soon.


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