Captain Jack Harkness’ surprise return in Doctor Who


Doctor Who has Triumphed that Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) may be starting his transformation to the Face of Boe. This transformation is a long time and year 12 might mark the beginning of Harkness’ change into his final shape.

When the Doctor meets the Face of Boe, he and Rose are witnessing the end of the world. They board a spacecraft to witness the Earth’s final moments in the year 5 billion, and in doing so, match the host of the event: a huge head called the Face of Boe. An educated and (really ) old being, he ends up crossing paths with the Doctor one final time before his passing, passing on one last bit of wisdom which ultimately supplies a ribbon of hope that the Doctor is not, in fact, the last of the Time Lords. Then, during totally separate events, the physician takes part in many experiences with Captain Jack Harkness, a former Time Agent who’s unintentionally imbued with immortality, courtesy of Rose Tyler/Bad Wolf. Incidentally, before parting ways with the Doctor and Martha at the end of season 3, Harkness shows to them that his nickname as a boy, growing up in the Boeshane Peninsula, was “the Face of Boe.” The two characters prove to be the same.


In Doctor Who is the fifth installment of year 12, “Fugitive of this Judoon,” Harkness makes a surprise return – largely to frighten Graham, Yaz, and Ryan the physician will gradually face “the only Cyberman.” But the reason he can not remain long is that the boat he is stolen comes with an “antitheft assault system” at the shape of nanogenes (glowing subatomic robots). First introduced at the season 1 episode “The Empty Child,” nanogenes can reconfigure an individual’s bodily form. It may explain some bodily gaps between his future and past selves while their existence does explain Harkness would eliminate everything in the neck down.

There’s been lots of speculation surrounding Harkness’s transformation to the Face of Boe (a couple of popular theories point into the Headless Monks, contemplating that their proclivity to get decapitations), but nothing has been confirmed. And since Chibnall seems to be making efforts to tie up some loose ends from Doctor Who lore together with all the Thirteenth Doctor, likely, Harkness’ remark about competitive nanogenes attacking him is not as throwaway because it appears. Perhaps they have a toll and change him to the head that he was destined to turn into.

The Face of Boe along with the thread between Harkness has been obscure at best, with lots of pockets to write it off as undeveloped buff services. Therefore, if Chibnall could whip up a smart explanation, it might wind up being a smart nod to past seasons, in addition to a character whose whole timeline generally is somewhat messy – by Doctor Who’s criteria.