Captain America Would Return In Falcon And The Winter Soldier ?


When Captain America returns the Infinity Stones to their proper places on history at the end of Avengers: Endgame, rather than returning to the present day, he stays back in the 1940s and lives his life with Peggy Carter.

When he becomes too old to be a superhero, the now-elderly Steve passes his shield to Sam Wilson, aka the Falcon. But even if Steve’s career as a superhero may seem to be over, the people around the world still need him. With billions of people, returning to society after a 5-year absence, they need help adjusting-and who better for this job than Steve himself?

It seems obvious as to why Steve Rogers should be the one to counsel post-snap victims. For someone who returned to society after being frozen for 65 years, he had first-hand knowledge of the trauma of waking up to find that everything and everyone around you has changed. While 65 years had been more extreme than 5 years, but given the rate at which the society is evolving, the post-Snap victims’ lives could just be very alienating experience as the one Captain America had. But, there is another reason why he should be the one running the support group.

Captain America

Most of his character arc has forced Steve to put his past behind him so he could move on- something he reiterated to the survivors of Thanos’ snap. This attitude made Cap very depressed, as well. He resisted from forming relationships with people outside work and thrust himself into a dangerous mission to avoid addressing his trauma.

In Endgame, he admitted that he keeps telling people to move on but he can’t either. When Cap stays back in the 1940s at the end of Endgame, he stops living in denial about what he wants. While some consider his choice to stay back as selfish, it is an emotionally healthy decision that a loosed Steve to admit where he belonged and with whom, which makes the elderly Steve Rogers equipped with a unique perspective even the most seasoned psychotherapist may not have.

Steve knows how difficult it is to regurgitate the “move on” mentality that other counsellors may tell their patients. He realizes how damaging it would be for certain people. But the most important thing is, he knows that it’s possible to regain what he thought was lost forever. Granted, that most people won’t get to time travel- but old Steve is open to more possibilities than his younger self, which allows him to be able to help others with this mindset.

Although Chris Evans confirmed that he wouldn’t be appearing in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it is highly unlikely that we will see old Steve Rogers running a support group in MCU any time soon.

Which happens to be quite unfortunate as other MCU shows like Jessica Jones have revealed how destructive the effects of trauma can be.
But here’s to hoping that MCU would eventually acknowledge the trauma of post-Avengers: Endgame and allots Cap one final mission.


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