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Candice Bergen Biography – Filmography, Personal Life And Other Detail

About Candice Bergen 

Candice Bergen is a popular American actress who had starred on Murphy Brown in the title role as a smart, independent anchorwoman, winning five Emmys during the sitcom’s original 10-year run. The actress started out as a model before turning to act.

Oscar Nomination of Candice Bergen


The actress had received an Oscar nomination for her role back in the 1979 film Starting Over. Candice is best known for her title role on the sitcom Murphy Brown.


Candice Bergen was born on May 9, 1946, in Beverly Hills, California. The daughter of ventriloquist Edgar Bergen and model Frances Westerman Bergen, Candice Bergen started her career as part of her father’s act alongside his puppets Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd. The American actress then began her modeling as a teen before graduating and going into acting with the 1966 film The Group.

About Murphy Brown

Candice Bergen Biography - Filmography, Personal Life And Other Detail

Back in 1988, Bergen found her niche in the politically charged sitcom Murphy Brown, launching the role for which she would become most famous. Bergen as Murphy, the independent, sarcastic liberal anchorwoman earned eight Emmy nominations and won five times before the show wrapped in 1998.

The show and its title character became nationally infamous in 1992 when Vice President Dan Quayle attacked the single mother TV character for being a poor role model. Bergen’s portrayal of Murphy as a hard-hitting journalist was so very convincing that after Murphy Brown ended, she was considered by the real-life TV news show 60 Minutes for a position as a correspondent. It might not have been a bad fit, as she is an accomplished photojournalist whose work has appeared in magazines such as Life and Playboy.



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