Can Avatar 2 Never Break Box Office Record Of Avengers: Endgame


Avatar hit the theaters in 2009 with a huge response. It resulted in topping the box office at that it took. It took more than a decade for a movie to overcome its box office collection. It is none other than Marvel’s Endgame.

Plus and minus :

Avatar has got a very strong visual effect. Before a decade using that kind of 3D technology is simply awesome. This appealed to the audience a lot. 


Moreover, the graphic scenes will not have cheap visuals like coming on to screen and all. It is a complete blend of excellent visual 3D effects.

But coming to storytelling it was not as expected. James Cameron is a great story-teller. But he could not show his magic in Avatar.

Why wouldn’t it beat Marvel :

The main reason is that the audience doesn’t find too much connection to the story or the characters in Avatar. No one would have painted blue or wore the apparel of Avatar. 

But coming to the Marvel characters we can see people wearing them quite common. So basically the lack of a fan base could be the main reason.

The next main reason is the lag. The first movie has been released way back a decade ago. So most of the people even would have forgotten the first part. Iron man was released in 2008 a year before Avatar. 

But no one would believe that. As there was a constant connection between the iron man and the audience which is ensured by Marvel.

The next main reason is there is no powerful character for the hero to fight against like that of Thanos who could just destroy half of the people with just a snap of his fingers.

Moreover, the 3D visuals are not a big thing now. Before a decade it would be simply awesome for fans to see such visuals. But now most of the people are clinging themselves to see in their mobiles or laptops. 

So James Cameron must think of something new this time for the fans to get excited about Avatar 2.

So avatar 2 is expected to release on December 17th of 2021. So at least from now let’s hope that there is less gap between the next parts to make it engaging for fans to cheer up.