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Call Of Duty Warzone The Complete Guide To Every Assault Rifle

Call of Duty is one of the best first-person shooting games to be ever made and recently it has developed better modes for gamers to play online games.

Call of Duty warzone is am amazing game with a lot of weapons, but when you are playing a warzone game the best weapon you have is your assault rifle. Gear up to get a full walkthrough of the assault rifle guide.

11. KILO 141

Kilo is the last resort you would want in your assault rifle category. The Kilo can unlock a 100-round drum mag, which transforms this weapon into an LMG without having to wait five minutes to pull it out. Hence there are better weapons to try.

10. FAL

This weapon tops in the highest damage per bullet of any weapon in this category. This is a semi-auto weapon and has a high fire rate keeping the stability to the target.

9. M4A1

Number 9 is taken by M4A1, this is more user friendly than the previous one. This has been one of the best weapons since Modern Warfare came out, and while it may not an absolute and unequivocal best anymore, it is still up there.

8 FR 5.56

This weapon fires in bursts, it can make it difficult to maximize the hits, as the. target might get a bit unstable. Some will like this gun and they’ll excel with it, but for most people, it’s not going to be their first choice.


Oden has the second highest damage per bullet in the game. It fires slow but shots the hell out of the player. 

Due to the low fire rate, missing a shot is going to come with a much steeper penalty than it would with something like the M4A1 because that next bullet takes longer to come out. But if you have a solid aim, the Oden really cannot steer you wrong.

6 M13.

Call Of Duty Warzone

Good damage, agile, it is reliable to use and this would not affect the movement of the player. Though it’s super easy to use right out of the gate, it can be built in a way that enables it to hardly even move when you pull the trigger.

5 FN SCAR 17

A good gun to kill, stable and, but a bit less powerful.

4. AK-47

The most famous weapons in the war are the AK-47 simple and one of the best. First, but once you customize it to be the perfect little beast that you want, it can be a really powerful weapon.

3. RAM-7

Ram-7 is crazy hot in this world of Call of Duty. Throwing on enough modifications in the Gunsmith to make it stable is going to make it a slow, clunky weapon to use, so it’s going to be a tradeoff.

2. GRAU 5.56

Grau is a reliable weapon and is super stable needs some modification to come to the top of the chain.

1. CR-56 AMAX

The best in class would be CR-56 AMAX. Starting with a few of its demerits. It has a pretty slow rate of fire but a solid damage per bullet. It can be pretty slow sometimes, even while reloading.

Almost zero recoils which makes it the most stable without upgrades. This is not going to be monstrously effective in close-quarters, but in the medium-to-longer ranges of an Assault Rifle, this weapon doesn’t perform too poorly.



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