Call Of Duty Mobile Season 8 When Will It Come, Some Leaks, Characters Much More

This upcoming game is now around the corner and it is going to be back with its eight-season online. Many of the fans of this game are surely very much excited for the upcoming part of the game. 

We all are very much excited about what skins and how will the characters look in the upcoming part or season.


The seventh season of this game has already given us an endless number of entertainment hours and now the fans have rolling eyes for the eight season.

This game is available on the various platforms to play on and Call of Duty: Mobile was exclusively on mobile. This game is a first-person shooter game franchise that has been published by Activision.

What New is Coming?

Call of Duty: Mobile

Piece Bullet

Maybe the players will be getting one more Grenade Explosive when aroused and marked sticking explosive dame will be very much fun.

Fast Healing

The healing in the upcoming season will be much faster than the current version of the game. Fast Healing after defeating the enemy. 

Moreover, holding the target will increase the healing frequency than the previous one.

What New Is Going To Be Added?

It is said or some of the sources have revealed that there will be new skins coming up for the players and there might be new characters coming in for the players. 

Not only those there will be new weapons which will be very powerful, not only that there will be more new maps coming up in the 8th season.

Release Date

This is one of the main things that the players want to know for a long time the Call Of Duty: 8 is expected to arrive this week, it might between July 11 to July 18.

There is no exact date which has been given by the officials of the game producers, but we are hoping that we will get it soon.

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