Call of Duty: Mobile has been downloaded by more than 170 million people so far


Call of Duty Mobile Global users has spent about Rs 621 crore on this game. In November, the game was installed by around 21 million users.


PUBG Mobile’s competitor game Call of Duty: Mobile has crossed the 172 million download mark in just two months of its launch. At the same time, globally, users have spent about 621 crores on this game. In November, the game was installed by around 21 million users. At the same time, in October, the figure was 146 million. The figure has been released by the analytics firm Sensor Tower.

Call of Duty Mobile 

India is at number two: The report states that the game has 28.5 million installations in the US. India comes second in this list. There are 17.5 million installations of this game, and 12 million people have installed this game in Brazil. Google Play has reported that its downloads on Android are 89 million. At the same time, 83 million on the iOS version. Talking about sharing in downloads, Android is at 52 per cent and iOS at 48 per cent.


How to download Call of Duty: Mobile: If you have not downloaded this game yet, you can download it in your phone. First of all, you have to go to Google Play Store and iOS App Store. You will find this game on this site. Its size is 1.1GB. It is a heavy game. You can also log in with your Facebook account. If seen, it would be better to log in with Facebook because the data of the game remains in the backup. This is similar to the popular PC game Call of Duty: Blackout Mode. It can play 100 players simultaneously. The player who survives the last wins the game.


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