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Possibility of Call Me By Your Name 2? Check Out Everything You Want To Know

Call Me By Your Name, released in 2017 shows us young love and it’s tragedy. It was largely appreciated by the audience as well as the critics. It went on to be nominated for the Academy awards for the Best Picture, Best Actor for Timothee Chalamet and won Best Adapted Screenplay. 


No wonder, we want a sequel to Call Me By Your Name. Director, Luca Guadagnino mentioned that the sequel is very unlikely to happen any time soon. The story of a 17 year old Ellio and a 24 year old Oliver is a romantic drama based on a novel by Andre Aciman of the same name.

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Will There Be a Call Me By Your Name 2?

Although the book has a sequel called “Find me” , the movie is not in the talks for production at all. Luca is working on another project “Bones and All”  with Timothee Chalamet and many other projects are lined up for the director.

The timeline for the second movie is much later than the first one, according to the sequel book. Hence the director wishes to give a gap in order to make it look a little realistic. We have to wait a while until we get news for “Call Me By Your Name 2”.

Is There Enough Source Material For Making Call Me By Your Name 2?

The book sequel “Find Me” was published in 2019 after the adaptation of the first one was successful. Hence there is enough content for the production of the second movie of Call Me By Your Name.

The book answers all the questions regarding Elio and Oliver in the second book. Author Andre Aciman mentions, “I needed to get a lot of things set up, particularly the discussion about the fact that we are not in sync with either time or life itself.” The book is set 10 years after the first one. 

What Can You Expect From Call Me By Your Name 2?

Both Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer are completely in for taking the story forward in Call Me By Your Name 2. It is the call of the director to make it into reality. Till then we can only guess what the sequel of the movie will have in store for us!

Call Me By Your Name ended with Elio and Oliver parting their ways as Oliver gets engaged, leaving Elio in despair. In the second movie, we can expect Oliver and Elio to meet after 10 years, while Oliver is still married. The story might unfold with their reunion. 

The sequel movie will be set in the late 80s and grand themes will be executed for showcasing the theme of the movie. Luca has confirmed that AIDS will play a major role in the story and all the historical events that happened during that time such as the Gulf War and emergence of Silvio Berlusconi in Italy. 

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Characters of Call Me By Your Name 2

In an interview, Luca stated a few things about the characters for the second movie, “I said for instance that Elio will definitely be a cinephile.” He added in another interview about Elio and Anella, “A great musician and cinephile. I think that Annella will be bewildered by the fall of the USSR.”

In the North Italy setting, the director plans to show his stars in beautiful surroundings. He mentioned, “I think [her] son will be somehow nostalgic of the America he left behind. I also think Oliver will grow up with a beautiful family with his fantastic wife who probably will know about the type of love that Oliver feels for Elio.”

There are way too many expectations and theories about the characters and the storylines of Call Me By Your Name 2. As of now we can only patiently wait and look forward to the making of the movie if it ever happens. 

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Trailer of Call Me By Your Name

 While we wait for any update regarding the sequel of the movie, you can start off by watching the trailer of the first one, if you haven’t already!

Call Me By Your Name has received a lot of love and appreciation all across the globe by varying audiences and critics as well. If you haven’t checked out the movie yet, do give this love story a try.

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