California Stimulus check Update : If you haven’t received your payment, please check your email.


If you are eligible for a prize in California but have not received it yet, it is very likely that you will receive it in the mail.

The California Franchise Tax Board paid out 9 million in relief through direct deposit and paper checks, and the agency said most of the direct deposits were made before October 31st.

The next paper check will be sent from November 1st. However, it may take several weeks for the check to be delivered.

To date, about 4.5 million payments have been made. The tax commission expects all payments to be completed by the end of this year.

Whether you receive a direct deposit or a paper check depends on which options you specify on your tax return.

The 15th is the last day that California residents file their tax returns to be eligible for incentive payments.

The tax commission determines the receipt of payments based on your tax return.

The tax commission said it could not immediately authorize payment due to several restrictions, including “the government’s ability to verify compliance, protect against fraud, and make GSS-II payments concurrently with other mandatory payments.”

The tax office also added “various processing restrictions, including printing and shipping.”