California Stimulus Check: This Social Security recipient is eligible for benefits from the Golden State.


California has distributed approximately 4.5 million Golden State Stimulus II checks to date, about half of the program’s expected payout. 

However, there is some confusion as to who will receive the IV, including whether recipients will receive Jamsostek. The short answer is: some will, some will not. 


Californians receiving Social Security benefits will receive a promotion check of up to $ 1,100 ($ 600 for themselves and $ 500 for eligible dependents) if they meet all eligibility requirements and have data from other sources of Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of between 1 to $ 75,000. 

The 2020 tax return states that social security does not count towards a person’s AGI. There is a hypothetical case on the website of the California Tax Council for Franchising where Social Security recipients are eligible for GSS II payments.

Under the scenario, anyone with a savings account would receive Social Security benefits of $ 2,700 per month. 

On his 2020 tax return, this person reported $ 32,400 in Social Security income and $ 12.37 in taxable interest in his bank account (see below). 

If Social Security is your only income, you will not be eligible for GSS II even if you meet all other requirements. 

Apart from social security, there are other types of income that are not covered by the AGI. CalWorks and CalFresh Benefits; Guaranteed Income (SSI) / Government Supplementary Payments (SSP) and Cash Benefits to Immigrants (CAPI); State Disability Insurance (SDI) and VA Disability Benefit; and unemployment.

Social Security beneficiaries with income between $ 1 and $ 75,000 on their 2020 tax return have an additional eligibility. Identification number ITIN (individual taxpayer) and cannot be claimed as a dependent of another taxpayer.

If you believe you qualify but have not received your GSS II payment, the state expects to receive a promotion check early next year. For more information on the GSS II program, you can find all the details in the Tax Department’s detailed guide here.