Cable Girls Season 5: Release Date, Cast Revealed On Netflix


Among the Netflix Originals, Cable Girls, are set to release it is 5th Season this February. Cable Girls is a Spanish period drama, and one of the best Spanish displays, made by Netflix.

The story revolves around four girls, who get their jobs from the national phone company, located in Madrid. For these women, it doesn’t just do the job, but more to that. It portrays as women are gaining equality progress which is being made in the time. This drama series follows the women, known as”Cable Girls” who feel connected in different ways for their own families, approval in society, their partners and their memories.

The series will renew its fifth Season on the 14th of February. Sadly this is going to be the final installment. However, according to reports, the season is going to be broken into two parts. There is not any confirmation once the second part is going to be premiered but it presumed that it might get released at the end of this calendar year, having some months in between.

The cast is expected to come back, anticipate Civantos who perished in preceding Season. Nadia de Santiago as Maria Inmaculada, maggie Civantos as Angeles Vidal, Ana María Polvorosa as Oscar Ruiz, Ana Fernández García as Carlota Rodriguez Senillosa, and Blanca Suárez as Lidia Aguilar Davila are returning. New faces might get additional.

A whole lot is to come in the upcoming Season. In the 30s we stepped in the fourth episode and we get to see the cable women are going through a lot once the nation falls into crisis. The fifth Season follow-ups with Spain the and all the Spanish Civil War had abandoned is the same. Angeles accident divides the bunch but they come together fighting their problems.

If you haven’t watched the show simply do it the trailer was out for Season 5, and till now!


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