The NFL Rookie Devin White is doubling up as Santa off the field in Tampa Bay he was meeting up with the kids for a night filled with pizza, bowling, and toys at a very much awesome holiday party. The fifth overall pick in the 2019 draft hosted fifty small children from the local Boys and Girls Club for his first-ever Christmas Toy Giveaway with the strikes for Kids this week hanging out and showing off his bowling skills.

We are told by some of the sources that the kids loved and enjoyed every second of it and they stoked to chill with the twenty-one-year-old stud for an hour and a half. The kids when they were getting the toys that they wanted or loved they seemed so happy they smiled and played with those for a very long time.


Rookie Devin White

The best part of that night came when White personally helped each kid pick out their toy to take home and everyone present there even the elder ones were very much thrilled for something very much fun for the holidays. The kids seemed very much excited when they were given the toys that they wanted and they loved him so much for the gift that he gave to each kid there.

White has been a beast when he is one the field this season and the things that he did in the party making it, even more, sweeter and the fans are loving him so much for this thing. The fans are appreciating the thing that he did at the party and he is also very happy for all of them.

We know that he is one of a very kind-hearted person and props to all involved.