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BTS Army Wants Bon Voyage 5| Why Jungkook Cry In Last Season?

Bon Voyage Season 4

ARMY! The popular fandom and one of the biggest fandom of the world are eagerly waiting for BTS’s comeback. As of now, it’s already happened with their all-new track Butter and every fan is steaming it hard. BTS, the 7 member group, broke the record of their own song Dynamite and made the fastest song to cross 100 Million views on Youtube. The comeback is already here but the other thing that the fandom is waiting for a long time is “Bon Voyage”. 

Bon Voyage is a reality show that revolves around the South Korean Boyband BTS. The show became popular after the boy band became a worldwide sensation around the world. As the group already has Millions of fans who support them in every step of life. The show features the 7 boys and their traveler diaries around the different parts of the world. 


While watching the show, the entertainment company makes sure to show the people every aspect of these singers’ lives through the reality show. Not only this but as a viewer, you will travel along with these boys and see everything through your screen. 

Till now, the show has already released 4 seasons of their travel diaries and now the army is wondering whether they will see a new season regarding their favorite boys, Come on! We’ll miss Bon Voyage, right?

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Bon Voyage Season 4 Updates

There are 4 seasons of this show that have been released over the years. Bighit Entertainment, which is responsible and manager of the whole Boy group manages this show too. The idea of BTS Bon Voyage started in 2016 and after that, they have continuously managed to release the new season every year. 

The boy group was formed initially in 2013 and after many hardships, they secured the position that they have now. Season 4 of Bon Voyage was released in 2019 after the boyband celebrated its 6th year anniversary. 

The show is featured in New Zealand and has 8 episodes in total. Throughout the 8 episodes of Bon Voyage season 4, the members of BTS don’t leave a single time to entertain the audience. 

It’s been two years since the super-loving fans of BTS saw the new season of the Bon Voyage series. The fans are anxiously waiting for season 5 of this series and we have to discuss everything about it. 

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Bon Voyage Season 5 – When is it Going To happen?

After season 4 of this reality show ended, the fans were anxiously looking for the next season so that their Boyband could come back and show their real lives. But as 2020 came, there was no Bon Voyage series. The covid-19 happens in late 2019 and as the virus spreads, it makes the production of season 5 difficult to produce. 

Because the show required you to travel around the world and in different locations, it makes everything impossible due to consider restrictions. The managing company, Bighit decided to prioritize their artist over the show and decided not to produce any seasons 4 in 2020. 

But as everything is slightly getting back to normal there are chances that the Army might see season 5 of BTS Bon voyage in 2021. 

Still, the year is already about to end and the entertainment company hasn’t revealed anything so far, I don’t think that 2021 is the right year to release season 5. 

On the other hand, the world is already hitting with the second wave. And being such an influential personality, BTS won’t travel at least this year. The Boyband is currently busy with their schedule that involves the interviews and promotion for their new song. 

With the busy schedule, I don’t think that there will be season 5 of this reality show this year. 

If there will be any Updates regarding season 5 of this reality show then I’ll let you know. 

Why did Jungkook apologize at the End of Bon Voyage 4?

If you have seen season 4 of Bon Voyage then the ending may seem quite awkward. Jungkook apologized at the end of season 4 of the show because his photos with a girl went viral on social media. It was the time when the BTS members were going to New Zealand and shooting for the show and someone anonymously viral a pic of him and a girl. In the photo, Jungkook was holding the girl from his back and many fans suspected this to be his girlfriend. 

Most of the fans, who are by the way obsessed with him, started to be sad and as a duty, Jungkook apologized to them. It was later revealed that the girl was only her friend and he went to her because during the vacation. 

Because of the Incident, the girl lost her job as a tattoo artist in the shop and many fans felt sad for her. Actually, the real reason behind their meeting was Jungkook tattoos. He has inked his hand and as she was the artist who did soo. Everything makes sense after the 2 years when the member finally revealed her tattoo in the recent comeback. 

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Where Can You Watch BTS Bon Voyage?

Every day many people add to the fandom and the first thing they do is to watch all the content of this group. But where to watch all these shows? Some of the interviews and shows are already available on Youtube but Bighit has reserved the rights. You can find the BTS bon voyage video on Youtube if you are lucky enough.

Because the videos are taken down within 1 week or 2 by the entertainment company because of the copyright. If you are looking for a secured and well-protected platform then the show is available on Vlive. You can legally watch the show on VLive. 

You can also watch the show in DailyMotion for free and safe. 

What Does the fan’s Opinion for Season 5?

The BTS ARMY is hoping that the pandemic ends soon so that they can watch their boys again on the tour. So far now, every fan knows that the global pandemic is impacting season 5 of Bon Voyage. 

On the other hand, the fans are giving the tour idea through their tweet to BTS. Places like Italy, Bali, and Spain are the top priorities among these fans. 

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