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Breaking Bad Drama Famous Series

Breaking Bad is a drama series in which a chemistry teacher named Walter White discovers that he has got cancer and decides to get into meth-making business to repay his medical debts. His priorities begin to change when he partners with his former student named Jesse Pinkman.

This was the story of the first season and the same story continues even in the second season as well. The series is truly amazing and is a definitely to watch series for everyone out there. The first episode of the series came out in January 2008.

Seems quite pretty back in the year and still it is a very famous series to watch. Almost 96 percent of the viewers have loved the show and got mostly positive reviews about it.

Some of the main casts of the show would be Aaron paul as Jesse Pinkman, Bryan Cranston as Walter White, Anna gunn as his wife named Skyler, RJ Mitte as their son named Walter White Jr. Everyone in the casts played their role to good and you would love them when you start watching the show.

The story of the series tells the audience that what a man can do for the love and peace for his family when he will not be around anymore. The story also tells that money is everything. If you begin to watch the series and complete the first two season then you will realise that what people can do for money.

A basic chemistry teacher commits crime while he wants to earn money out there for his family and makes sure that the family members lives peacefully when he is gone.

The series is overall a very attractive one and the story is simply amazing and which is why the people loved the show very much and if you did not watch it yet please do watch it and comment below if you liked the show or not.




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