Brazilian soccer star Givanildo Vieira De Sousa, who is known as Hulk, split with his wife of 12 years back in July


Split in July ago his wife of 12 decades. Hulk has begun a relationship with a person close. He’s started dating Camila, his ex-wife’s niece-in-law. His agents have confirmed this information to UOL Esporte.

Iran and hulk have three kids per account, which has created this scenario too many that are bizarre on networking.


There were a few that occurred to Twitter to emphasize Hulk is a relationship with his kids’ cousin.

Under The Sun, the few originally started dating in October, months after the breakup. Family members and his kids sat to notify them that he and Camila dated Since the connection became official. The parents of Camila were allegedly known as by them.

Depending on the association between Camila and Iran, there have been worries regarding the pair would be responded to by Hulk’s ex-wife.

Her niece-in-law was aware. Camila addressed issues and these issues in a message.

“Aunt Iran, I want to tell you this message isn’t an excuse or justification of whatever,” Camila wrote to her aunt, a The Sun.

“I had to tell you a few things, unfortunately, circumstances don’t let me say. I care for you and love you very much, therefore I’m speaking here Even though it’s immaterial for you today.

“I really would like you to be aware of things that perhaps everyone will speak about otherwise, mere speculation, however, I do not judge them since outsiders understand absolutely nothing and the majority of the time only need the situation to become worse. It has been really difficult to confront this all, but I would not do it if it was not correct.”

Adhering to this information coming to light, in addition to the backlash from Native networking, Camila has since deleted her social networking reports, a SportBible.

Iran, hulk’s ex-wife, has reacted to the connection. She talked with UOL and voiced disappointment in his conclusions because of their separation in July.

“It is deeply regretted that Mr. Hulk, not satisfied with ending a union of over 12 decades, he did not honor the annoyance of the person who always committed affection, love, respect, and attention to him as well as his kids, whose greatest interests ought to be maintained by their dad.”